The Olivia Nelson-Ododa Blog: Season-ending injury, staying positive, Grey's Anatomy and more

The Olivia Nelson-Ododa Blog: Season-ending injury, staying positive, Grey's Anatomy and more

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The Olivia Nelson-Ododa Blog: Season-ending injury, staying positive, Grey's Anatomy and more

Winder-Barrow (Winder, Ga.) forward Olivia Nelson-Ododa is the top ranked player in the ESPN HoopGurlz 100 for 2018 and has everyone from Connecticut to South Carolina to Maryland and many others all giving chase. Now Nelson-Ododa has agreed to give USA TODAY exclusive access into her world by chronicling everything from intimate details about her recruitment to her everyday life in a blog.

olivia nelson-ododa

Hi world!

This is Olivia with my first blog so I hope you guys like it.

Sadly, I’m done playing for the year.

I had a knee injury on Jan. 31 and it’s been tough to sit out for sure.

Right now we know that it’s not anything major like MCL or ACL, but I have an appointment this week so we’ll know more about recovery time and things like that.

I’m just working on staying positive and being there for my team as we go into the playoffs.

I feel like I was playing really well this year and I was excited about the playoffs coming up. I was working on the weaknesses in my game and I felt like everything was growing in a positive direction then the injury happened.

Like I said, I’m just trying to stay positive because I know that I’ll be back.

I’m definitely excited about summer ball.

I try not to pay a lot of attention to rankings, but being No. 1, I’m really motivated to stay there. I know that other players are hungry and they’re coming for that so I use that as motivation to work on my skills and fix any holes I feel that I have in my game.

I want to be the best and even though I’m ranked No. 1 I work like I’m not.

My recruitment is going pretty well right now, I’ve got offers from UConn, Stanford, South Carolina, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Maryland, UCLA and a lot of other schools.

Right now I’m focusing on developing relationships with coaches and trying to get out to see some of the schools.

But the best part for me is just talking to them and getting to know them away from the court.

Like I bonded with the coach from FSU over our love for dogs. I have a black lab, a mini-pit bull and a German Shepherd so she wanted to see pics of the dog and all that.

I thought that was cool.

Sometimes it can get stressful dealing with all of the coaches, but I tell myself, “You’d rather have to put up with all of this than to not have any schools calling.”

One thing I do is use Sunday as my family day, so I’m not calling any coaches on that day. That’s been good for me.

Since I’m so close I’ll occasionally go and see Georgia Tech and Georgia games. I went to South Carolina last month to see the game against Alabama. I don’t have any visits planned now, but I want to get out to see more schools now that I have more time.

School is going pretty well. I started my second semester and even though classes are challenging they’re definitely a lot less stressful than last semester so that’s a positive.

My favorite subjects are English, Social Studies and Science; my least favorite would be Math.

I do have to tell everyone that I just started watching Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix and I’m loving it! I know I’m really late with that, but if you haven’t seen it go check it out!

OK guys thanks for reading my first blog.

Stay tuned for the next one. I’ll be back again soon.

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