Three-star Florida football prospect arrested for gun possession while out on bail for sex charge

Sebastian River star Jamal Riggins (Photo: Indian County Sheriff's Office)

Sebastian River star Jamal Riggins (Photo: Indian County Sheriff’s Office)

Any school that eventually signs Sebastian River football prospect Jamal Riggins will have a pretty good sense of what it’s getting into, because Riggins has been plenty busy getting in trouble.

Riggins most recent escapade is a particularly sordid affair, with the three-star linebacker prospect arrested on a felony carry concealed firearm charge … while he was already on bail for a charge of lewd or lascivious battery for allegedly having sex with a 14-year-old student during a game.

Sebastian Daily had more details about the latest charges against Riggins, which include a bit of antique hunting and passing the buck.

When Riggins consented to a search, deputies discovered he was wearing basketball shorts under his khaki pants. Then, the deputy found what he believed was a handle of a firearm.

Deputies removed the firearm, which was a Colt 1911 .45 caliber with “United States Army Property” imprinted on it.

Riggins said he was holding the firearm for his uncle, who purchased it from a man in Sebastian. Riggins does not have a concealed carry license.

It’s also worth noting that Riggins was so caught off guard by the police search that he allegedly said the driver of the car he was traveling in was just driving him home, but then couldn’t provide his home address to the officer on the scene. He’s also still sitting in jail, because (quite logically) his original bail was revoked after the second charge against him was filed.

While Riggins isn’t a four or five-star prospect yet, he’s received that kind of attention at Sebastian River High. He holds 16 scholarship offers, including those from programs like USC, Michigan State, Minnesota, South Carolina and West Virginia, to name but a few. Whether some of those schools may now re-think their commitment to Riggins given his recent arrests remains to be seen. Either way, the defensive star still clearly has plenty of work to do if he wants to salvage any future in collegiate football.