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VIDEO: Quentavious Neal of Mt. Zion (Ga.) has the world's strangest successful hurdling style

Track season is upon us, with some Southern states already off and rolling outdoors. That means we’re starting to get in results from early season meets in places like Georgia, which is where Quentavious Neal of Mt. Zion took to the track to compete in the high hurdles … and he won.

Yet it wasn’t that Neal won his race in the Tweet you see above that earned so much attention. It’s how he did it.

To call Neal’s style unorthodox would be an overwhelming understatement. To call it freakish would be a bit more accurate. The Jonesboro-based senior raced to the hurdle and then essentially side-hopped over each one, somehow landing his footing perfectly and sprinting off to the next barrier, all ahead of every other runner on the track.

As one might expect, the Twitter mentions of Austin Jones, one of Neal’s football teammates, practically exploded after he posted the footage you see above. The only thing everyone seems to agree on is that they can’t believe Neal won the race while sprinting as if he were trying to hop a neighbor’s fence.

Whether Neal can continue racking up victories with such a unique style remains to be seen. If nothing else, it’s highly likely to keep getting attention, so long as Neal keeps clearing the hurdles.