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VIDEO: Top PG recruit Trae Young takes a bow after nailing game-winner

Apparently Trae Young is so clutch with the ball in his hands that someone told him to take a bow … and he took them seriously.

As captured by Ball is Life, Young, the Oklahoma native and top point guard target for the nation’s top programs, was competing at the annual McGuinness Invitational near his Norman hometown when he found his Timberwolves locked in a tie game in the closing seconds. After some significant maneuvering, Young got the ball on the right wing, then weaved his way between a pair of defenders to create just enough space to get off a contested shot — contested by two defenders, at that — before releasing a perfectly arced attempt.

Naturally, it was a successful game-winner. That’s what set up the moment of the night, when Young took what was clearly an unpremeditated bow.

Yes, it takes copious amounts of swag to bow after a game-winner. It also reeks of cool, which is something Young is almost sure to bring to whichever program he eventually commits to.

For now, he’ll just go on drilling contested game-winners and bowing as if he just finished a rousing rendition of Othello. Let us all be entertained.