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VIDEO: Zion Williamson's threw down an insane 360 tomahawk jam in a game

Just three days after Zion Williamson visited Wofford to take in a college basketball game, he threw down a dunk that was far more impressive than anything that was attempted in Wofford’s game against Chattanooga.

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That’s Williamson above, on the break, throwing down a completely insane, dunk contest quality 360 windmill slam in the middle of a game. Even pulling off such a dunk, at all, would be worth landing on any top-10 list one can imagine.

Of course, given Williamson’s other worldly highlights, perhaps we shouldn’t have been surprised to see him go up and attempt a dunk to end all dunks when he found himself open in the front court.

Let’s just hope we get plenty more Williamson-on-none breaks in the weeks ahead. We could all use more ridiculous slam dunks right about now.