Why are Texas recruits leaving the state? Walker Little has a theory

Only four of the top 20 recruits from Texas opted to stay in state for college. The highest-ranked among them was No. 8 Anthony Hines Jr., a linebacker at Texas A&M, and No. 10 Jack Anderson, a guard at Texas Tech.

Walker Little is ranked as the No. 3 recruit in the state, the No. 3 offensive tackle nationally and No. 10 player overall.

Little, from Episcopal (Bellaire), signed with Stanford.

“I don’t feel like it’s the draw to get out of state. I don’t think kids want to leave the state of Texas,” Little said in an interview with ESPN 97.5. “I think it’s partly because the schools in Texas aren’t at their peaks right now as far as wins and losses.

“Also, it’s easier to get to schools and see schools all across the county and it’s making kids find better fits for them than they would in-state at this point in time. But as the Texas schools come back up and start playing football more kids will start staying home.”

New Texas coach Tom Herman is certainly among those hoping Little is right.