Woman in Title IX lawsuit against Lewisville (Texas) ISD: Hebron assistant principal 'didn’t care what happened to me'

A young woman who has alleged she was raped by members of the Hebron (Texas) football team at a 2012 party and then neglected by the school district has fired back in a new lawsuit, claiming that members of Lewisville Independent School District — Hebron’s parent district — ‘kicked me under the rug, didn’t care what happened to me.’

The allegations from the unnamed young woman came in the course of testimony heard Thursday which alleged a group of Hebron football players raped a then 14-year-old girl in 2012, then was bullied by both other students and retaliated against by officials at the school when she reported the alleged crime.

Lewisville ISD officials have denied the claims, instead insisting that they investigated the issue under Title IX clauses and could not identify enough evidence to prove that an admitted sexual encounter between two Hebron football players and the girl constituted rape rather than a consensual act.

“I wanted to do the right thing, I really did,” Amanda Werneke, the principal at the Hebron 9th Grade Center who presided over the investigation, told the Dallas Morning News.

According to the alleged victim and her mother, the team became the subject of constant taunts after returning to school following the event. Her mother also insisted that her daughter had suffered almost immeasurable harm, some of which was eventually redirected at her family in frustration as a coping mechanism for the alleged attack.

According to the mother, the victim was “pleading for help,” in the months after her attack, but was never treated fairly by the district.

“You have no idea what it’s like to be blindfolded, spun around five times and pushed into a dark room,” she told the school district’s attorney during her testimony. …

“She was angry about not being in school and we were her place to fall on,” the mother testified.

The trial will continue with no set expected date for a decision yet announced.