Court docs: Bixby (Okla.) football players admit to sexually assaulting teammate

Court docs: Bixby (Okla.) football players admit to sexually assaulting teammate


Court docs: Bixby (Okla.) football players admit to sexually assaulting teammate

Four members of the Bixby (Okla.) football team admitted to sexual assaulting a teammate, while another admitted to filming the incident.

According to court documents obtained by Tulsa’s KOTV, four students admitted to participating in the sexual assault that happened at the superintendent’s house in September, and a fifth admitted to recording the assault on video.

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Per KOTV, the documents say each student also identified all the other students involved in the incident. The documents, according to KOTV, pertain to a search warrant investigators served for the four students’ cell phones. According to investigators, the student who said he recorded the video also admitted to sharing the video with other “high-school-aged people,” per KOTV.

According to KOTV, the investigator wrote that he was contacted in November by a parent of the player who recorded the incident who told him that a parent of one of the assault suspects had offered to buy the son’s phone which held the recorded incident.

Additionally, the documents say investigators conducted a forensic investigation of the phones and now have access to the call logs, text messages, photos and video on them.

Per KOTV, the chief investigator wrote in the original affidavit the incident took place on September 27, 2017, at the home of Bixby School Superintendent Kyle Wood. According to the documents released Tuesday, however, athletic director Jay Bittle took a written statement from the victim on October 26, 2017. The investigator said Bittle, Superintendent Wood and Principal Terry Adams “describe varying accounts of when they became specifically aware of the nature of the sexual assault and their subsequent action.”

Wood resigned in December, per KOTV. Also, school board president Ron Schnare announced in late December he would not run for a second term, saying he’d never intended to serve more than one term.

So far no charges have been filed in the case.


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