8 ways to prepare to make the transition from JV to varsity

8 ways to prepare to make the transition from JV to varsity


8 ways to prepare to make the transition from JV to varsity


Most players will have to make the transition from JV to varsity at some point in their football career. Here are 8 tips to make that transition go smoothly.

8. Play Another Sport

In addition to keeping you in good physical shape, playing another sport will also sharpen your competitive edge. On the varsity level especially, competitiveness can be the difference between winning and losing an individual battle.

7. Watch Film of Last Year’s Team

A great way to learn about the speed and physicality of the varsity level is to watch it on film. Studying what your school’s varsity team did last year will help prepare you for what’s to come.

6. Study the Playbook

If your coach hasn’t already issued you a playbook, ask him to provide some plays that your team will run next season. Studying those plays and perfecting your responsibility now will help you get noticed.

5. Attend a Camp

Going to a camp can help you master the techniques and skills that separate a JV player from a varsity player. Coaches can provide tips and help you work on your form, which you can refine during fall practice.

4. Compete Against Your Varsity Teammates

Competition breeds excellence. When you push yourself against teammates with varsity experience — either in the weight room or on the field — it will make you a better player. Find time to practice with your varsity teammates during the spring and summer.

3. Work On Your Speed

The speed at the varsity level is one of the main things that separates it from JV. You have to match that speed by increasing yours. Getting your legs stronger is a great start.

2. Get Mentally Prepared

One way to get mentally prepared for varsity football is to push yourself during the offseason. If you can push through the pain of a hard workout in the spring, you’ll be more prepared for fall practice.

1. Get in the Weight Room

Perhaps nothing will help you get prepared for varsity more than lifting. Players on varsity are bigger than those on JV. You have to match their strength by getting in the weight room and getting stronger.


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8 ways to prepare to make the transition from JV to varsity
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