A Mother's Hero. Meet Denver Christian's Taylor Marsh

A Mother's Hero. Meet Denver Christian's Taylor Marsh


A Mother's Hero. Meet Denver Christian's Taylor Marsh


Denver Christian is down one of their best players.

It’s not because of injury or suspension, it’s just another Monday at practice. Which means Taylor Marsh can’t be there.

That’s be cause she’s working at the Etherial Day Spa in Greenwood Village.  It’s just 1 of the jobs Taylor juggles totaling about 20-25 hours a week.

A high school senior, who also plays volleyball, and works 25 hours a week. How does she do it? More importantly, why? Well her mom can’t work. A terrible boating accident in 1989 left her paralyzed. Taylor and her sisters Kendel and Mackenzie all have to pitch in.  There is a lot on the line.

“If it weren’t for them we would not be in our house,” Taylor’s mom, Candy, told 9News.

Taylor isn’t working for shopping money, or to pay for concert tickets. She’s literally putting food on the table and a roof over her families head.

“I see taking on this work and all my other stuff as a personal challenge to see how far I can go and really prove to myself who I am,” Taylor told 9News.

“There are no words that can say how proud a mother is, when their children take on what you can’t do,” said Candy of her 3 girls.

Mom shows her support at the Denver Christian gym, and of course at home. But even said a television interview can’t begin to describe how impressed she is with Taylor.

“From a mother standpoint, Taylor is my hero,” said Candy. A comment Taylor shrugs off in an “aw shucks” kind of way.

Missing 1 day of practice is hard. But it’s clear family comes first, and Taylor would do just about anything for her mom.

“She’s amazing. I don’t know where I’d be without her,” said Taylor.


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