A surprising sisterhood

A surprising sisterhood


A surprising sisterhood


Tara Tresolini, a recent graduate of Newark High School, is a cheerleader during this year’s Blue-Gold Game. Throughout the week, she’ll share her Blue-Gold thoughts and experiences. Tresolini, the daughter of News Journal sportswriter Kevin Tresolini, also will post videos on delawareonline.com.

One of the best things about being a Blue-Gold cheerleader is meeting cheerleaders from all over the state. On the Gold team, we have all the high schools south of the C&D Canal plus Newark, Christiana and Glasgow. And being a Newark cheerleader, there weren’t many people I knew going into the first practice, except for Sarah Boothe from Glasgow.

But once we started learning cheers from each school at our weekly practices at Smyrna, we all started to get to know each other a little better.

I made friends from other schools very quickly, friends I probably wouldn’t have met if it weren’t for Blue-Gold. Even girls from my high school’s rival, Middletown, we became friends with right away. It was fun getting to know each girl and hearing about their schools and how different every high school really is. Despite all the school rivalries, we came together and created a sisterhood we didn’t think we would.

Monday was our last practice, at Milford High School. It was a long, tough practice, as we had to change up our halftime routine for about the fourth time. And as our coach, Jen Campbell from Middletown, told us, there was only an hour left of practice ever. We all knew what we had to do in order to hit everything and make our coaches proud. We put our full hearts into it and walked off the field sore and sweaty, hoping we were ready for the big show.

Every single girl on my team made my experience with Blue-Gold, and cheerleading, that much better. I enjoyed and looked forward to practices and other events so we could all be together as a team. We all came in not knowing many people, but we’ll leave with memories, friendships and sisters that will last a lifetime.


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