Athlete of the Week: Geordyn Green

Athlete of the Week: Geordyn Green


Athlete of the Week: Geordyn Green


UNION COUNTY, Fla. — Our Athlete of the Week plays on an undefeated team from a school that has a great tradition of championship football.
This week, we bring you the story of a little spark plug from Union County High School.

Sure, he’s a small guy, but Geordyn Green is known for making big plays.

“He’s little and he’s tough. I said ‘Geordyn, those guys are going to run over you.’ He said, ‘They’ve got to catch me first Grandma.'”

“He is a small guy, but he can run. Sometimes we tease him that he doesn’t want to get hit and that’s why he runs so fast.”

Geordyn has to overcome more than just a lack of size. He also deals with a couple of health issues.

“I just love the game, so I figure that if it’s not killing me, why stop?” he said.

Green has been living with Crohn’s Disease since he was four years old.

“We thought that maybe he wouldn’t be able to play because of the pain he was in sometimes,” his grandma said.

After a recent procedure, Geordyn’s Crohn’s Disease is now in remission.  

A more serious problem is atrial fibrillation, which is an abnormal heart beat.

“I have to take medicine for it daily and at any given time, it can just pop up and affect me,” Geordyn said. “It causes my heart to be irregularly and it can cause me to pass out. Anything can happen once I’m passed out.”

“We’re working really hard with his cardiologist. We seem to have it under control. We haven’t had any issues. Maybe one episode this season, so that’s been really good,” a coach said.

For overcoming his health issues and inspiring his teammates, coaches, family, and friends, Geordyn Green is our athlete of the week.

“He’s been through so much that I just think he is the greatest,” said Grandma.


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