Bornamann runs to KVA title

Bornamann runs to KVA title


Bornamann runs to KVA title



Pennfield’s Audri Bornamann ran to a first-place finish at the Kalamazoo Valley Association Girls’ Cross Country Championship on Tuesday in Portage, finishing in a league-best time of 19 minutes, 11 seconds.

Kalamazoo Hackett won the league title with a team score of 58, followed by Delton Kellogg with 71. Olivet was third with 87, Pennfield fifth with 119, Maple Valley seventh with 159 and Galesburg-Augusta was eighth with 188.

Delton Kellogg’s top runners were Christi Boze (fifth, 20:00), Megan Grimes (12th, 21:39), Sarah Rendon (15th, 21:52), Sammi Cleary (18th, 22:05) and Marcie Stevens (21st, 22:28).

Olivet’s scorers were Alex Dartt (seventh, 20:55), Caitlyn Hines (ninth, 21:27), Katelyn Francisco (10th, 21:28), Ellery Walker (28th, 23:09) and Alexis Tennant (33rd, 23:27).

Pennfield was led by Bornamann, Lauren Smith (16th, 22:01), Naomi Joseph (23rd, 23:37), Jill Traxler (37th, 23:46) and Kylee Mead (42nd, 24:13).

Maple Valley’s top finishers were Jessica Rushford (third, 19:52), Hanna Kyle (30th, 23:15), Emma McGlocklin (35th, 23:40), McKayla Lamance (39th, 23:57) and Elizabeth Wetzel (52nd, 25:59).

Galesburg-Augusta’s scorers were Whitney French (29th, 23:13), Sami Schaub (31st, 23:16), Chloe Ostlund (34th, 23:38), Bethany Washburn (24:53) and Leah Savage (48th, 25:01).

In the boys’ race, Kalamazoo Hackett placed first with 52 points. Maple Valley was fourth with 83, Delton Kellogg was sixth with 166, Olivet was eighth with 187 and Pennfield was ninth with 247.

Maple Valley’s top runners were Kyle Brumm (12th, 17:54), Andrew Brighton (13th, 17:56), Micah Bromley (16th, 18:04), Austin Rood (17th, 18:08) and Sam Benedict (25th, 18:38).

Delton Kellogg’s scorers were Jarryd Calhoun (fifth, 17:22), Zach Haas (21st, 18:20), Alex Stevens (44th, 20:18), Dylan Kelley (46th, 20:26) and Brock Mueller (50th, 20:38).

Olivet was led by Joe MacInnes (24th, 18:29), Jonah Smith (27th, 18:54), Collin Hannahs (42nd, 20:11), Nathan Vanslyke (45th, 20:20) and Jacob Wilkinson (49th, 20:44).

Pennfield’s scorers were Adam Rifenburgh (15th, 18:01), Jake Gillett (56th, 21:41), Nicholas Simonds (57th, 21:54), Eric Rifenburgh (58th, 21:58) and Greg Martin (61st, 22:40).


Big Eight Jamboree at Reading: The Homer girls’ team captured the overall league title with a combined score of 91 over four jamborees. The Division 4 third-ranked Trojans won the final Jamboree with a score of 22.

Quincy finished second overall with a 273, Union City was sixth with a 653 and Athens was seventh with a 729.

Earning All-League honors (top 10 low scores over three races) for Homer were Jessica Reagle, Amanda Reagle, Bailey Mannis and Johnica March. The Trojans scorers on Tuesday were Jessica Reagle (first, 20:24), Mannis (second, 20:52), Amanda Reagle (fourth, 21:16), March (sixth, 21:28) and Alexis Mesdagh (ninth, 22:02).

Also earning girls’ All-Conference honors were Quincy’s Kelsey Bean and Union City’s Katie Birch.

Quincy’s scorers Tuesday were Bean (eighth, 21:51), Stine Andreassen-Ruud (13th, 22:26), Nicole Loomis (14th, 22:28), Sasha Burnett (15th, 22:29) and Alyssa Bracy (17th, 22:52).

Union City’s scorers were Birch (12th, 22:18), Audrey Robertson (29th, 25:09), Olivia Gibson (36th, 26:40), Cassie Dutch (37th, 26:50) and Ashley Cross (60th, 40:12).

Athens’ top finishers were Audrey Oswalt (16th, 22:47), Allysha Beal (47th, 28:17), Bili Loser (50th, 28:22), Bebe Sigurdardottir (53rd, 29:46) and Taylor Vaughn (57th, 32:43).

In the final boys’ standings, Concord finished first while Quincy was second, Union City fourth, Homer fifth and Athens seventh.

Locals earning All-League honors included Quincy’s Riley Horn and Zach Slack and Union City’s Jesse Anderson.

Quincy’s scorers on Tuesday were Slack (sixth, 17:48), Horn (seventh, 17:50), Tyler Smith (13th, 18:55) and Logan Kestner (14th, 18:59).

Union City’s top runners were Anderson (fifth, 17:43), Alex Platschorre (20th, 19:38), Jacob Maurer (26th, 20:21), Tyler Reilly (28th, 20:51) and Tyler Howard (37th, 21:26).

Homer’s scorers were Austin Yeakey (15th, 19:16), Cody Calhoun (22nd, 19:48), Dakota Glassburn (23rd, 19:55), Hunter Weeks (30th, 21:01) and Tom Marvil (36th, 21:21).

Athens’s top runners were Will Fairchild (24th, 19:58), Mason Mears (27th, 20:21), Jake Iles (33rd, 21:08), Casey Hardin (35th, 21:13) and Steven Waring (38th, 22:06).


Bellevue 3, Barry Co. Christian 0: Bellevue won by scores of 25-21, 25-15 and 25-17.

The Broncos were led by Britney Reid with 15 kills and 10 blocks; Lexy Spaulding had 13 kills and five blocks; Taylor Wagner had 17 assists and five kills; Amelia Williams had seven aces; and Alliceea Moreno had 13 assists and two kills.

(At) Homer 3, Springport 0: Homer won by scores of 25-23, 25-14 and 25-21.

The Trojans (18-14-2) were led by Hannah Willson with 12 kills, 11 digs and three aces; Brooke Ebersole had 28 assists and two aces; Ashley Taylor had 10 digs; Kristin Nelson had 10 digs; and Mallori Konkle had eight kills.

Concord 3, (At) Athens 0: Concord won by scores of 25-12, 25-12 and 25-16.

Athens (26-13-3, 4-2 Big Eight) was led by Chantel Davenport with six kills, seven digs and one block; Teasha Swank had five kills, seven digs and two blocks; Allison Fuller had eight digs; Valerie Rubley had 15 assists, five digs and two blocks.

Bronson tri-meet: Bronson went 1-1 with a win over Three Rivers (13-5, 25-21, 16-25, 32-30, 15-12) and a loss to Coldwater (25-19, 25-21, 25-20).

The Vikings (28-13-6) were led by Kylei Ratkowski with 26 kills, four aces and 16 digs; Skyler Sobeskie had 15 kills, 20 digs and one block; Emily Mayes had 11 kills and two blocks; Brooke O’Neill had eight kills; Alexa Ratkowski had 50 assists, eight aces, 13 digs and two blocks; and Grace Pyles had 34 digs and six aces.

(At) Lakeview 119, Harper Creek 67: 200 medley relay: Lakeview (Jenny Reimer, Brooke Rowe, Anna Moore, Haley Shanks) 1:58.57; 200 freestyle: Ashley Chambers (L) 2:10.21; 200 IM: Reimer (L) 2:21.65; 200 freestyle: Mina Kukuk (L) 26.10; Diving: Nicole Gilbert (HC) 234.45; 100 butterfly: Rowe (L) 1:04.69; 100 freestyle: Moore (L) 56.50; 500 freestyle: Kukuk (L) 5:30.40; 200 freestyle relay: Lakeview (Rowe, Chambers, Brianna Dunn, Kukuk) 1:48.12; 100 backstroke: Reimer (L) 1:02.99; 100 breaststroke: Lillian Shenefield (L) 1:20.06; 400 freestyle relay: Lakeview (Moore, Kukuk, Chambers, Reimer) 3:56.46. Record: Lakeview 7-3 overall.

Lakeview 112, (At) Kalamazoo Central 71 (Thu.): 200 medley relay: Kalamazoo Central 2:11.90; 200 freestyle: Brianna Dunn (L) 2:17.84; 200 IM: K-Central 2:35.04; 50 freestyle: Hannah Royal (L) 28.56; Diving: Ambyr Toney (L) 149.45; 100 butterfly: Alexandra Quada (L) 1:16.47; 100 freestyle: K-Central 1:01.04; 500 freestyle: Hattie Kinnisten (L) 6:12.75; 200 freestyle relay: Lakeview (Danielle Root, Connor Grosteffon, Rose Steinecke, Haley Shanks) 1:59.38; 100 backstroke: Ami Kato (L) 1:11.12; 100 breaststroke: K-Central 1:22.05; 400 freestyle relay: K-Central 4:21.59.

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