Canton Kaumatule looks to follow in brother's footsteps

Canton Kaumatule looks to follow in brother's footsteps


Canton Kaumatule looks to follow in brother's footsteps


In Honolulu, Hawaii, “football” and “Kaumatule” are synonymous with “Luke.”

As a senior, Luke Kaumatule led Punahou to the Interscholastic League of Honolulu (ILH) division championship. The four-star recruit was ranked the 12th-best defensive end in the nation by PrepStar, and now turns his attention to the college gridiron at Stanford.

Younger brother Canton (Class of 2015) is faced with following in Luke’s gigantic footsteps, and he intends to continue the winning tradition.

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“I’m looking forward to getting my reputation out and letting everyone know that Luke’s little brother is in town,” he said.

The 6-foot-7, 260-pound defensive end — recently named to the first Preseason American Family Insurance ALL-USA Football Team — reveals the training that will power his season.

What are you focusing on this season?
I use my size as much as I can. My goal is to get as big as I can before college. In eighth grade I was 240 pounds. By freshman year I busted up to 255. This year, if I can, I want to put on another 20 pounds.

This is your first year on varsity. How have you been preparing?
I’m still learning the game — I have a lot to learn. I know how to use my size well, but I’m trying to learn the mental game. A lot of times my body’s really sore and broken down in the third quarter or toward the end of practice, but I’ve been learning to push through it.

What’s your training focus?
I’ve mainly been focusing on power. I’ve been hitting the weight room six days a week, and finally got my bench press up to 365.

What does your workout routine consist of?
I dedicate one day to one big muscle and one small muscle and usually do push and pull exercises.

Monday is upper body — chest and biceps, bench press, incline and flys. On Tuesday, I focus on back and neck. The following day I do shoulders and more neck and a half-hour core workout. On Thursday I do squats and lunges using a Hex Bar. Friday I do whatever else I wanted to work on that week.

What kind of training do you do outside of the weight room?
Saturday I do a bodyweight workout because the weight room isn’t open. I do a lot of leg work like lunges up a hill or squats and more pushups and pullups.

Everyday I do at least 200 pushups. I’ll do 20, wait a little, then do 20 more. My feet are always elevated on anything I can find — usually a chair.

I also run with my team. We do striders and “snakes” on the bleachers. We run all the way up, then across and down the stairs and run all the way back up.

What’s your recovery routine?
I stretch as much as I can because flexibility is one of my weaker assets. I also ice everyday in the morning, afternoon and after practice for 20 minutes each time. I do whatever I can to stay healthy and keep me in the game.


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