Canyon Barry (free) throwing it back

Canyon Barry (free) throwing it back


Canyon Barry (free) throwing it back


Retro doesn’t do it justice and it’s not quite old school.

Geriatric might be the best word for Canyon Barry’s free throw shot. Because his style from the charity stripe is the “granny” shot.

It’s not something you see often on the court. But it makes sense, when you meet Canyon’s Dad.

“He taught me the under-handed free throw,” Canyon told 9News.

NBA hall of famer Rick Barry used the granny shot in his day.

“His dad taught him so, passing it down,” said Canyon.

“He came up to me 2 weeks before his junior season and said Dad I think I’m going to shoot the under handed, and I said that’s great son but don’t you think you should have practiced all summer before you started doing it,” Rick said laughing.

Canyon is still trying to perfect the art, but he’ll take it with him to the College of Charleston next year.

And Dad thinks his son can throw down some results, with the throw back shot.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t get himself up to a a 90% shooter eventually,” said Rick.

“Honey, don’t put that pressure on him,” said Canyon’s mom Lynn, scolding her husband.

“I said I wouldn’t be surprised,” replied Rick.

“Why would you even say that,” replied Lynn. To which Rick answered back with “It’s not pressure if you have confidence!”

Canyon agrees, he’s actually never felt pressure from his hall of fame father.

“He’s been able to teach me so much about basketball and life in general and he a great father to me,” said Canyon.

He hopes to carve his own path at college, but he’s clearly not shying away from the path, that got him there.


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