Cherokee Trail brothers enjoying team's great run

Cherokee Trail brothers enjoying team's great run


Cherokee Trail brothers enjoying team's great run


The Martin family and Cherokee Trail go hand in hand.

“We just think of this as our second home,” said junior Jacob Martin. He and his brother Elijah are 2 of 6 Martins that have, or will go through the high school. But they’re the first Martin siblings to play together.

“It’s fun, I love it,” said Elijah. He is a major part of the team despite battling developmental delays since birth. Elijah and his twin sister were 13 weeks early and weighed about 2.5 pounds.

“The coaches mean everything to me, and they’re like a 2nd family,” Elijah told 9News.

You think he lets the learning disabilities affect him? “He actually gets better grades than I do,” said Jacob.

“I just work harder and stay focused on school,” added Elijah.

Out on the field, he pushes himself as well and gets pushed too.

“I think of him as 1 of the teammates. I don’t treat him any different, than anybody else. I hold him to the same standards I hold everyone else up to,” Jacob told 9News.

That is what Elijah expects, and that’s what he gets from the entire team.

“They’re basically my family on the field, pretty much.”


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