Coldwater boys' soccer tops K-Central

Coldwater boys' soccer tops K-Central


Coldwater boys' soccer tops K-Central



Mohamed Aljabaly had two goals and an assist and Yousif Aljabaly had a goal and an assist as the Coldwater High boys’ soccer team overcame a 1-0 halftime deficit and defeated host Kalamazoo Central 3-1 on Saturday in a non-league matchup.

It was the 50th career victory for Ken Delaney as Coldwater’s boys’ coach.

Ian Wright made 13 saves in the nets for the Cardinals — 13-3 and ranked honorable mention in Division 2 — who’ll host Lakeview on Tuesday in the final round of the SMAC Tournament’s Gold Division.


St. Johns Invite: Coldwater won the tourney, going 5-0-1 on the day and improving to 25-5-2 for the season. In pool play, the Cardinals split with Holt 25-19, 10-25; beat Fowler 25-11, 25-6; and beat DeWitt 25-17, 25-21. In the quarterfinals, Marshall downed Lansing Eastern 25-11, 25-16; in the semifinals it turned back DeWitt 25-21, 25-10; and in the finals it topped Greenville 25-22, 25-12.

On the day for Coldwater, Breeann Spangler had 46 kills, 19 blocks and 50 digs; Lauren Outwater had 38 kills and 17 blocks; Morgan Klein had 26 kills and 46 digs; Darby Kahler had 65 digs; and Janie Marso had 110 assists.


Bellevue Invite: Maple Valley placed first with a score of 33 points, Colon was third with 73 and Pennfield fourth with 81. Bellevue, Tekonsha and Marshall Academy also had runners at the meet, but no full teams.

Tekonsha’s Joseph Newcomb — the Indians’ lone runner — was first overall in a time of 17:14.2.

Maple Valley’s top five: 4-Austin Rood 18:24.2, 6-Kyle Brumm 18:42.6, 8-Micah Bromley 18:50.1, 10-Andrew Brighton 18:59.9, 13-Sam Benedict 19:31.6. Colon’s top five: 9-Kyle Poortenga 18:58.9, 12-Harley Thompson 19:16.9, 20-Jonathan Stewart 21:13.7, 23-Ben Weaver 21:46.2, 32-Nathan Clipfell 26:43.3. Pennfield’s top five: 5-Adam Rifenburgh 18:37.0, 22-Jake Gillett 21:45.2, 27-Nicholas Simonds 22:48.3, 28-Eric Rifenburg 23:08.8, 30-Greg Martin 23:16.7.

Bellevue’s top four: Griffith Cook-Kirsch 20:44.6, 18-Brad Sanders 20:55.4, 19-Chase Maxson 21:00.1, 34-Caleb Robinson 26:48.4. Marshall Academy: 24-Jacob Kempinski 22:01.8.

Hudson Invite: In the 17-team Small School division (Divisions 3-4), Quincy was second with 77 points, Bronson third with 138, Homer 11th with 266 and Union City 13th with 288.

Quincy’s top five: 4-Riley Horn 17:22.78-Zach Slack 17:42.7, 15-Tyler Smith 18:08.3, 22-Logan Kestner 18:23.9, 33-Hunter Winger 18:50.4. Bronson’s top five: 2-Hunter Machus 17:06.5, 3-Matt Cosby 17:19.926-Wesley Disboro 18:34.5, 52-Joseff Albarran 19:23.0, 70-Jordan Alger 19:58.7. Homer’s top five: 17-Austin Yeakey 18;14.2, 36-Cody Calhoun 19:00.6, 57-Dakota Glassburn 19:34.5, 87-Tom Marvil 20:28.6, 104-Hunter Weeks 21:03.7. Union City’s top five: 10-Jesse Anderson 17:47.0, 38-Alex Platschorre 19:02.0, 80-Jacob Maurer 20:22.7, 99-Tyler Reilly 20:54.2, 103-Tyler Howard 21:03.1.

Portage Invite: Several local schools posted team scores in the large four-division event.

In Division 1, Lakeview was 28th out of 38 teams with a score of 755. The Spartans’ top five: 69-Blake Wilson 16:46, 148-Colin Read 17:31, 157-Brandon VanOosten 17:34, 178-Jon Haadsma 17:46, 203-Peter Colquhoun 18:08.

In D-2, Gull Lake was 11th out of 36 teams with 329 points and Coldwater 34th with 907. Gull Lake’s top five: 21-Sam Butler 16:19, 66-Sam Sly 17:01, 71-Jeremy Simon 17:04, 82-Coleman Gibson 17:15, 89-Brian Wiegand 17:18. Coldwater’s top five: 116-Cameron Leist 17:36, 146-Josh Evers 17:58, 201-Josh Norton 18;36, 214-Shane Dunn 18:52, 230-Ethan Aerts 19:16.

In D-3, Delton Kellogg was 36th out of 37 teams with 953 points. The Panthers’ top five: 26-Jarryd Calhoun 16:59, 225-Brock Mueller 20:53, 230-Carson Mursch 21:14, 234-Austin Tamez 21:32, 238-Eric Hoeberling 22:25.

In D-4, Albion was 12th out of 29 teams with 346 and St. Philip 28th with 712. Albion’s top five: 29-Bryan Peoples 17:19, 34-Zach Hudson 17:33, 68-Dalen Cage 18:22, 93-Chris Bell 18:49, 122-Johtaj Wallace 19:31. St. Philip’s top five: 76-Nicholas Newton 18:31, 131-William Lantinga 19:41, 143-Andres Campos 20:00, 177-Ethan Rutherford 21:37, 185-Daniel Yates 22:44.


Bellevue Invite: Maple Valley took second place with 54 points and Pennfield was third with 64. Locals not fielding full teams were Colon, Bellevue, Tekonsha and Marshall Academy.

Pennfield’s Audri Bornamann was first overall in a time of 20:59.6. Also for the Panthers: 8-Lauren Smith 22:52.9, 15-Katie Draper 23:54.8, 29-Kylee Mead 26:29.6, 31-Terra Dickensen 28:03.6.

Maple Valley’s top five: 2-Jessica Rushford 20:59.6, 11-Hanna Kyle 23:31.7, 16-Emma McGlocklin 24:26.1, 17-McKayla Lamance 24:52.7, 24-Elizabeth Wetzel 25:41.3.

Colon’s top three: 6-Skylar Harvey 22:04.3, 8-Anessa Broker 23:04.0, 21-Brianne Reichert 25:28.2. Bellevue’s top two: 13-Jade Hart 23:40.9, 18-Emily Rice 24:59.0. Tekonsha’s top two: 26-Janet Ulleg 22:55.1, 33-Kaitlyn Aldrich 28:17.1. Marshall Academy’s top two: 14-Sofiya Stumpos 23:52.4, 30-Reagon Cool 27:16.7.

Hudson Invite: In the 14-team Big School division, Homer was second with 96 points (Chelsea was first with 88).

Homer’s top five: 7-Amanda Reagle 19:44.6, 8-Jessica Reagle 19:46.3, 15-Bailey Manis 20:36.3, 21-Johnica March 20:57.1, 45-Alexis Mestdagh 22:06.1.

In Division 3-4, which featured 13 teams, Quincy placed first with 80 points. Locals not fielding full teams were Union City and Bronson.

Quincy’s top five: 17-Nickole Loomis 21:42.2, 20-Kelsey Bean 21:49.4, 24-Alyssa Bracy 21:53.4, 31-Reanna Sloan 22:28.1, 33-Stine Andreassen-Rud 22:43.2. Union City’s top four: 19-Katie Birch 21:44.5, 71-Audrey Robertson 25:00.6, 72-Olivia Gibson 25:07.5, 88-Cassie Dutcher 26:39.5. Bronson’s top four: 28-Corissa Ross 22:11.1, 47-Tana Shimp 23:37.6, 50-Mariah Roberts 23:49.3, 99-Kayla Roberts 28:31.8.

Allegan Invite: Marshall won its fourth invitational title of the campaign, totaling 22 points. In the Varsity One Race, Brianna Kalisz was second (19:22), Maya Williams was sixth (21:00) and Tristan Tobias was eighth (21:45). In the Division Two Race, Abbey Ufkes was first (21:18), Anyah Preston was second (21:48) and Kilee DeBrabander third (22:16).

Portage Invite: Several local schools posted team scores in the large four-division event.

In Division 1, Lakeview was 29th’ out of 33 teams with 788 points. Lakeview’s top five: 124-Jarecea Tate 20:49, 149-Sidney Baxter 21:10, 162-Megan Riegle 21:32, Gillian Colquhoun 21:47, 178-Stephanie Niemann 21:52.

In D-2, Gull Lake was seventh out of 33 teams with 243. Gull Lake’s top five: 16-Mikayla Hostetler 18:59, 38-Leah Coonrod 19:46, 42-Lily Fell 19:51, Hayley Buckhout 20:10, 83-Kylee Chaffin 20:40.

In D-3, Delton Kellogg was 20th out of 33 teams with 544, and Galesburg-Augusta was 31st with 849. The Panthers’ top five: 37-Christi Boze 20:17, 111-Marcie Stevens 22:18, 112-Megan Grimes 22:21, 127-Sarah Rendon 22:46, 157-Sammi Cleary 23:33. G-A’s top five: 151-Whitney French 23:25, 153-Sami Schab 23:30, 176-Chloe Ostlund 24;20, 180-Leah Savage 24;29, 189-Bethy Washburn 24:51.

In D-4, Albion was 26th out of 27 with 785, and St. Philip had two runners compete. Albion’s top five: 130-Teddi Stovall 25:00, 157-Sarah Ashley 27:34, 159-Mercedes Pace 27:37, 169-Mallory Wilder 30:57, 170-Amber Albarren 31:05. For St. Philip: 133-Abriana Burrill 24:44, 183-Amanda Yacovoni 30:24.


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