COLUMN: Favre's hiring piques curiosity

COLUMN: Favre's hiring piques curiosity


COLUMN: Favre's hiring piques curiosity


Now that it’s official, let the pontificating begin.

Former NFL quarterback Brett Favre is no longer just a big fan of the Oak Grove Warrior football team. Gone are the days of him being a guest instructor. And consider the days of the legendary signal-caller helping out behind the scenes just to get his feet wet officially over.

Favre is now a member of the Oak Grove football coaching staff, which means it’s time to get down to business.
It also means that just about everybody with a pulse has already started sounding off.
Some are supportive. Some are cautiously optimistic. Some have negative opinions. And some are adamant about their incredulity.
As for me, I’ve got questions. Some of which I think I’ve got the answers to, while it’s still a little too early to resolve the rest.

Level of involvement

– First things first, the question that’s on most everyone’s mind: How will Favre’s role be defined?
Will he be the offensive coordinator? Will he be the quarterbacks coach? Will he be both? Or neither?
Here’s what we know: Last season’s offensive coordinator (Casey Cain) is now the team’s defensive coordinator. So that position is vacant right now, and it would be reasonable to assume that Favre will take on that role.
But consider this: Tim Heldt, who retired as Oak Grove’s offensive coordinator after the 2010 season, is back. He, along with Favre, was also approved by the school board to serve as a part-time volunteer assistant coach. So maybe Heldt will slide back into the position he once held.
Here’s what I think: Favre will run the Warrior offense. He’ll be in charge of authoring a playbook, installing the system and calling the plays on Friday nights. As for whether head coach Nevil Barr will actually bestow the title of offensive coordinator on Favre, who knows?
All that being said, I think Favre will have plenty of help in terms of the amount of input he’ll receive from guys like Heldt and Barr.

Change in philosophy?

– Will Favre’s presence mark a change in the offensive philosophy at Oak Grove?
Short answer: I don’t think so.
Long answer: Yes, Favre has been around the Warrior program for the past few years, but given that he was only recently officially hired, there simply won’t be time to install a completely new system.
The Warriors run a spread offense. I’m sure Favre will tweak a few things, making some minor changes here and there. And I think because Favre has been around for the past half-decade or more, it would be reasonable to assume that we’ve already seen his influence on the offense.
– Finally, what will his increased responsibilities mean in terms of wins and losses?
In short, Oak Grove is young and inexperienced, which can sometimes make for an unpleasant combination at the Class 6A level in this state.
I think the Warriors are in for an up-and-down season regardless of who is calling the plays.
What I’m not sure about is the trajectory of the proverbial rollercoaster will be when it matters most.


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COLUMN: Favre's hiring piques curiosity
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