Denver South's Phillip Lindsay stays put

Denver South's Phillip Lindsay stays put


Denver South's Phillip Lindsay stays put


It was his choice.

“I made the decision to stay,” Phillip Lindsay told 9News.

With open enrollment Phillip Lindsay of Denver South High School could have done what so many other football players do: go play for a more glamorous program.

He stayed in Denver.

“That’s where I’m from, the Denver league, we give it a lot of pride,” said Lindsay.

Things have worked out for him too. Lindsay will play football at CU next year. Young denver football players take notice.

“They can play in the DPS and get some real talent and go to D-1’s, because there’s a lot of them,” Lindsay said emphatically.

He will likely finish high school with the DPS all-time rushing record, but he’s looking for more.

“We can hang with any suburb, any school out there. You’ll see this year,” said Lindsay.

He’s keeping the D-P-S on the football map, 1 carry at a time.

“Ya! I’m looking to put on a show,” Lindsay said with a smile.


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