D'Evelyn's bad hair day

D'Evelyn's bad hair day


D'Evelyn's bad hair day


Pure intimidation.

He doesn’t use a look, face paint, or trash talk.

Austin Balbin’s secret weapon comes from underneath the helmet, and although he’s a smart kid, I’m not talking about brains.

“It’s the mullet,” said Balbin referring to his new hairstyle.

Balbin grew his hair out for 6 months. And just before the season, went more business in the front, and left the party in the back.

“Intimidation, it’s for intimidation for sure,” Balbin told 9News.

“I think his initial response to me was ‘Looks good doesn’t it?’ And I said ‘No!. That looks really bad man.’ Those things went out in the 70’s,” D’Evelyn head coach Jeremy Bennett said.

But coach will deal with it as long as Balbin keeps getting to the quarterback. He already has 3 sacks on the year.

“I guess we’re gonna ride the mullet,” Bennett told 9News.

Austin says his mom is putting up with the look as well, but his girlfriend?

“She is not a fan of it, she does not like it at all actually,” Balbin said with a smile.

His golden locks are pure gold to him. And it doesn’t sound like the magnificent mullet is going anywhere.

“When you come back to the sideline after the D goes 3 and out. You take the helmet off, you shake it a little bit for the crowd. It’s a crowd please for sure,” Balbin said.

He can justify it for now. But what about when the season is over?

“Probably have to listen to some of the women in my life,” he said.

Probably a good idea.


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