Double the fun: Peter twins anchoring Fossil Ridge football team

Double the fun: Peter twins anchoring Fossil Ridge football team


Double the fun: Peter twins anchoring Fossil Ridge football team


Corey and Colin Peter had to ride the bus to school for the first time when they moved to Fort Collins in fifth grade.

They never had to worry about finding someone to sit with because they had each other.

Seven years later, the pair is still together, making a big impact as seniors on Fossil Ridge’s football team.

Corey leads the area with 15 catches for 332 yards and two touchdowns, while Colin anchors both front lines as a left tackle and defensive end. He even double-checks quarterback Travis Avila in no-huddle situations.

“In a lot of ways, Colin is irreplaceable. When he needs a break, we feel that definitely,” Fossil Ridge coach Steve Vecchio said. “Corey, we lean on him because he’s a special talent. It’s hard for Travis not to force the ball to him.”

The twins understand their different roles on the field, and support each other in between the white lines.

“We watch each other’s backside. He scores and I protect him, basically, for him to score,” Colin Peter said. “We help each other out in that way it’s helpful to know your brother’s there.”

There are times people don’t believe the Peter brothers are twins. Colin has more bulk befitting his place as the anchor of both lines while Corey is more lean to better complement his athleticism in the open field.

“People are like ‘wait you have a twin?’ And I tell them ‘yeah Colin is my twin,’ and they’re always like ‘what?’ ” Corey said.

Their personalities also vary dramatically both on and off the field.

“Corey is a basketball star as well and a baseball star, so his sophomore year he took off from football to focus on those things. Last year, he came back and said he just wanted to punt, but by the end of the year he wanted to play and that was really fortunate for us,” Vecchio said. “Colin’s personality was drawn to football right from the get-go. He’s a trenches kid.”

The one thing Vecchio can’t separate between the Peter twins is their competitive attitude and drive, calling them the hardest workers the SaberCats have on roster.

Corey and Colin compete with each other off the field, as well, but don’t let the desire to win affect their relationship.

“We’re always trying to outwork each other and I think that’s helped us throughout our entire lives, not just football,” Corey said.

Their primary arena is in the classroom. Colin is a member of the National Honors Society and both are involved in the Future Business Leaders of America.

“If you compare both of us to a lot of other football players, I think we’re going to rank very highly,” Colin said. “We’re not really the dumb jocks you’d expect.”

Colin is looking to attend college for engineering, and has participated in camps at Cornell and Penn while also considering the Colorado School of Mines. He doesn’t want to play football for a school that doesn’t offer his desired major.

Corey, on the other hand, sees the value of football as a means to continue his education.

“I’d like to take football as far as it can take me, but you’ve got to have a backup plan and academics are the best plan, honestly,” he said.

But for now, the Peter twins are integral pieces for Fossil Ridge’s success on the football field and Vecchio is honored to have them as part of the SaberCat family.

“Just seeing them mature into men, that’s one of the most exciting things about coaching anyone. Not only do you see them physically grow, but mentally and emotionally grow,” Vecchio said. “That’s been the most impressive thing, how they’ve grown as men.”


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