Douglas County will play Aliyah's Game

Douglas County will play Aliyah's Game


Douglas County will play Aliyah's Game


Her story is now told with her family pictures.

The tale of a little girl, born with down syndrome, and full of life.

“She was spunky,” said her mom Regina.

Aliyah Siddiqui was diagnosed with cancer when she was just just six. “We don’t say Aliyah lost her battle with cancer, we tend to say she ran out of time,” Regina told 9News.

Her time ran out in July of 2010. Aliyah was 12.

“She just stopped breathing. Very Peacefully and after many months, she really looked like herself, finally,” said Regina. “Very calm and peaceful, like her little self.”

“She fought so hard and so much,” said her brother Mikail who is a junior on the Douglas County soccer team. “She’s more than a little sister. She taught me more than I taught her.”

The family started an organization called AIM 2 Cure.

A-I-M: Aliyah Inspired Moments.

Their 1st big event is this Thursdays game between Highlands Ranch and Douglas County. Money at the gates, concession sales, and additional funds donated will all go to fight childhood cancer.

“It’s not a regular season game. It’s more important because my sister never got to see any of my high school games or anything and I think this is kind of for her a little bit,” Mikail told 9News.

“So many kids are running out of time. And it breaks my heart,” added Regina.

The family is coming together to take down the monster, that took their Aliyah.

Can you picture her now?

“She wouldn’t want to be in the stands,” said Mikail with a smile, “She’d want to be on the field.”

“She would say me too. Me too,” said Regina. “She would be right there and love it.”

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