ECI volleybal team previews

ECI volleybal team previews


ECI volleybal team previews



Coach: ZoeAnn Chernowsky (fifth season)

Last season: 14-16

Varsity returners: So. MB Sara Barnes (142 digs, 22 aces); Sr. OH Bryanna Graat (80 kills, 102 digs); So. OH Christina Hughes (34 kills, 34 aces, 39 digs); So. L Alyssa Sells (23 digs)

Varsity newcomers: Fr. MB Kyleigh Alcorn; So. OH Hope Crabtree; Fr. S Brenna Koontz

Varsity departures: DS Hanna Foster (87 digs); MB Courtney Kinnaman (265 kills, 32 aces, 47.5 blocks; S Becca Miller (415 assists, 214 digs, 45 aces); MB Emily Sabo (213 kills, 40 aces, 199 digs, 40 ½ blocks); DS Annie Sharp (50 aces, 165 digs)

Strengths: serving; outside attacking

Question mark: inexperience

Season outlook: “We are young, but I look for us to continuously improve and gain experience and momentum as the season progresses,” Chernowsky says. “We have a lot of potential and want to be playing our best volleyball at tournament time.”


Coach: Thanh Harnish (third season, 70-3)

Last season: 31-3

Varsity returners: Sr. OH Ari Anderson (382 kills, 45 ½ blocks); So. S Emily Brinkman (170 assists, 140 digs, 21 aces); Sr. OH Hannah Brinkman (210 digs, 44 aces); So. MB/OH Taylor Harman (11 kills, 5 ½ blocks); So. MB Taylor Kring (101 kills, 28 ½ blocks); Sr. MB Keyonna Morrow (65 kills, 24 blocks); So. OH/MB Alyssa Peters (66 kills, 27 digs)

Varsity newcomers: So. DS Isabel Gothard; Sr. S Mia Robertson; Jr. DS Laura Sosinski

Varsity departures: S Courtney Harnish (825 assists, 235 digs, 28 aces); L Halle McKibben (250 digs, 25 aces); OH Taylor Morey (436 kills, 424 digs, 105 aces)

Strength: team chemistry

Question mark: varsity experience

Season outlook: “Although we’re a relatively young team, most of our younger players have club experience as well as one year of varsity experience,” Harnish says. “Our team chemistry will be our biggest strength when competing in challenging matches.”


Coach: Wes Lyon (10th season, 303-44)

Last season: 22-13

Varsity returners: Sr. S Sarah Dale (1,141 assists, 242 digs, 37 aces); Jr. L Jessica Helms (314 digs, 27 aces); Sr. OH Kaitlin Kerrigan (111 kills, 224 digs, 22 aces); Sr. OH Jaydn’ Pegues (478 kills, 261 digs, 41 blocks); So. OH Allyson Young (58 digs, 19 aces)

Varsity newcomers: Jr. DS Jordyn Cline; OH Carson Gowen; OH Savannah Jackson; Fr. MB Micah Leavell; S Catherine Smith; DS Suzie Smith; Sr. Katiana Wilbanks

Varsity departures: OH/L Karyn Kuzma (272 digs, 122 kills, 26 aces); OH/MB Lauryn Nelson (96 kills, 30½ blocks); OH Taylor Rabel (271 kills, 150 digs, 26 aces); MB Anne Tinder (75 kills, six blocks)

Strengths: ball control; setting; outside attack

Question mark: depth

Season outlook: “We need to develop a solid team chemistry and confidence in each other,” Lyon says. “Some new players will need to step up and fill key positions from last year. Our graduated seniors from last year had very good careers as Bearcats.”


Coach: Pancho Alvarez (first season)

Last season: 17-17

Varsity returners: Sr. MB Mallory Bruner (32 kills); Jr. Allie Curtis DS/S (seven digs); So. L/DS Valorie Flick (35 aces, 131 digs); So. MB Mahlia Flick (57 kills); Jr. MB Kristin Flowers (187 kills, 28½ blocks); Sr. OH Audrey Jones (218 kills, 70 digs); Sr. DS Jessica Mace (144 digs, 22 aces); Jr. DS/L Kelsie Mace (14 aces, 82 digs); Jr. S Madisen Mangus (719 assists, 60 aces, 141 digs); Kyanne Stewart, Sr., MB (178 kills) Jessica Mace Sr., DS (144 digs, 22 aces)

Varsity newcomers: Fr. MB Diana Campbell; So. OH Caitlin Kimbrough; Jr. OH Makayka Miller

Varsity departures: L Kirsten O’Conner (348 digs, 58 aces); DS Katie Rosinski (20 digs, nine aces); OH Alix Underwood (missed season with torn ACL)

Strengths: leadership; experience

Question marks: consistency; back row

Season outlook: “I’m looking forward to seeing how quickly this team can adapt to new roles and responsibilities.(i.e. moving Audrey Jones from OH to RS as Mallory Bruner goes from MB to OH) within the team framework, while bringing a high level of energy and passion to defense,” Alvarez says.


Coach: Justin Richman (fourth season)

Last season: 16-14

Varsity returners: Sr. L Jayda Morris; Jr. S Rosie Weber; Jr. OH Lauren Wilson; Jr. RS Meredith Witty; So. OH Hannah McKinney; So. DS Erin Allen; So. MB Hannah Huff

Varsity newcomers: Jr. MB Kristin Horsley; Jr. MB RuthAnne Shellabarger; So. OH/RS Baylee Wright; So. DS Lauren Irelan; Fr. S/OH Taylor Bilbrey

Varsity departures: MB Alyssa Allen; MB Alisha Heath; DS Taylor Smith; OH Morgan Murray

Strength: better team chemistry

Question mark: consistency

Season outlook: “The girls have been working hard during the off season, and I think we have improved,” Richman says. “We have the opportunity to surprise some people.”


Coach: Heidi Zickgraf (fifth season, 93-44)

Last season: 23-10

Varsity returners: Jr. S Madison Bergren (446 assists, 226 digs, 20 aces); Sr. OH Destiny Coleman; Sr. OH Lauren Cross; So. L Teaghan Dishman (199 digs, 30 aces); Jr. MB Marissa Elam; Sr. OH Lauren Ogle; So. DS Ericka Pursley; Sr. MB Taylor Wright (359 kills, 46½ blocks, 27 aces)

Varsity newcomers: So. OH Allyson Buckner; So. S/DS McKensie Sulfridge; Fr. DS Sarah Ogle; Fr. OH Audrey Woodin; Fr. OH Kaylee Nichols

Varsity departures: S/OH Morgan Bergren (446 assists, 227 kills, 298 digs, 53 aces, 27 blocks); L Sara McGuire (312 digs, 38 aces)

Strengths: middle attacking; ball control; depth

Question mark: outside attacking

Season outlook: “I am excited for the 2012 volleyball season to get under way,” Zickgraf says. “I have a really great group of individuals who like to work hard and play together as a team. I am anxious to see how things play out during the rest of preseason and as our season gets going.”


Coach: Fred Medler (18th season)

Last season: 17-16

Varsity returners: Sr. S Hannah Ainsworth (654 assists, 127 digs, 27 aces); So. MB/OH Brianne McIntire (109 kills, 40 digs); So. OH Malarie Houck (106 kills, 123 digs)

Varsity newcomers: So. RS/MB Emily Westgerdes; Jr. OH Katie Aker; Jr. L Rachel Fergusen; OH/MB Ava Kunkler; OH/MB Kylie Osborne

Varsity departures: DS McKenzie Campbell (54 digs); DS Jen Dirksen (127 digs); DS Randa Gillespie (79 digs); OH Mariah Hornaday (326 kills, 36 aces, 148 digs, 51 blocks); DS Megan May (84 digs); MB Maria Murphy (194 kills, 31½ blocks); L Alyssa Rigby (258 digs, 29 aces); OH Whitni Somers (five kills); DS Shannon Springer (seven digs)

Strengths: positive attitudes; experience at setter

Question marks: leadership; depth

Season outlook: “We will be young and interesting to watch this season,” Medler says. “Our success this season will depend on how well we respond to other teams, especially the experienced ones. We are showing signs of potential, and I am enjoying the positive, fresh attitudes from young players that are learning and having fun.”


Coach: Kelsey Brandl (first season)

Last season: 14-16

Varsity roster: Sr. OH Kayla Bogue; Jr. DS Morgan Engle; Sr. OH Haley Fields; Fr. MB Morgan Haney; Sr. DS Erin Hodge; MB So. Lexi Hosier; Fr. DS Maleah Huser; Fr. S Zoee Kear; Fr. MB/RS Mikaela McGrath; Sr. OH/RS Lauren Muzzarelli; Fr. MB Emmarae Roberts; Sr. MB Abigail Silvers; Jr. DS Shaylee Stigleman; So. S Megan Yates

Strengths: athleticism; leadership; versatility

Question mark: inexperience at setter

Season outlook: “We will definitely show people that we’ve improved,” Brandl says. “When I took this team over, we started off with baby steps. … The best thing about it is they’re just like sponges. They want to learn and they’re taking in everything we want to teach them.”


Coach: Randy Gardner (first season)

Last season: 30-8

Varsity returners: So. MB Payton Anderson (32 kills, five blocks); Sr. OH Shae Baugh (16 aces, 39 digs); Sr. DS Melinda Brunck (69 aces, 171 digs); Jr. OH Lauryn Gillis (475 kills, 224 digs, 55 blocks); So. L Brianna Heffernan (358 digs, 64 aces); Sr. OH Ciara Leath (209 kills, 323 digs); Jr. OH/RS Megan Millikan (78 kills, 13 blocks); Sr. S Taylor Patterson (1,087 assists, 162 kills, 210 digs, 32½ blocks); Jr. MB Laryss Welch (189 kills, 55½ blocks)

Varsity newcomers: So. DS Courtney Barr; So. OH Jennifer Barr; Jr. DS Ashley Criswell

Varsity departures: OH Skylar Stigall (303 kills, 46½ blocks)

Strengths: net play; transition offense

Question mark: ball control

Season outlook: “This team is very deep with talent,” Gardner says, “and we’ve got a good shot at making a deep post season run again.”


Coach: Chelsea Gibson (third season)

Last season: 17-18

Varsity returners: Sr. S Hannah Franklin (727 assists, 303 digs), Sr. OH Taylor York (149 kills, 321 digs), Jr. OH Mikayla Knoll (42 kills, 51 blocks), Jr. DS Shianna Knoll (238 digs), Jr. OH Maddie Kramer (153 kills, 265 digs), Jr. OH Kara Snyder, So. MB Morgan Gibson (33 kills, 11 blocks)

Varsity departures: MB Casey Retter (377 kills, 68 blocks), DS Brianna Brown (328 digs), DS Meghin Warren (322 digs), OH Nikki Clevenger (63 kills, 20 blocks)

Strengths: team chemistry; hustle

Question mark: depth

Season outlook: “The girls are all playing well together,” Gibson says. “I believe the season will be enjoyable and competitive.”


Coach: Adam Leach (11th season, 223-111)

Last season: 23-11

Varsity returners: Sr. OH Andrea Hise (75 kills); So. OH Micah Kimball (85 kills, 166 digs); So. L Ellie Rider (308 digs); Sr. S Makayla Roseberry (609 assists); Jr. RS Adrianne Trennepohl (59 aces, 193 digs)

Varsity newcomers: Fr. DS Jayden Barnard; Sr. L/DS Jenna Conyers; Fr. MB Shelby Cross; Fr. S Madison Fites; So. MB Taylor Goyette; Fr. MB Alexa Kinsey; Fr. OH Nicole Lawyer; So. MB/OH Hannah Pugsley; Fr. OH Jaycee Young

Varsity departures: Kelli Morton; Kirstyn Pierce

Strength: athletic potential

Question mark: youth

Season outlook: “We will spend the season trying to develop an attacking game,” Leach says. “With the learning curve large this year, we are working towards being a better team at the end of the season.”


Coach: Adam Havice (10th season)

Last season: 4-24

Varsity returners: Sr. DS Elizabeth Allison; So. OH Brianna Lewis; So. OH Kashala Meadors; Sr. S Brandi Montgomery; So. DS Danielle Nelson; So. OH Maddison Smith; Sr. MB Jasmine Sutton; Sr. DS Lacey Whitted; So. S/OH Hannah Wilhoite

Varsity newcomers: Jr. OH Emily Benslay; Fr. OH Savannah Benslay; Fr. S Rachel Curts; Fr. MB Khalasha Lipscomb; Fr. OH Mellia Moory; Fr. MB Brittney Pankow; Fr. S/OH Alexus Ray; Fr. MB Ashley Skidmore; Fr. OH Alayz’a Wright

Varsity departures: Carly Manis

Strengths: athletic; positive attitude; hard workers

Question marks: experience; depth

Season outlook: “We have a lot of potential,” Havice says, “and with hard work we will improve every day.”


Coach: John Rodriguez (third season, 20-38)

Last season: 9-22

Varsity returners: Sr. OH Katie Lambert (252 digs, 22 aces, 13 kills); Jr. S Lisa Rodriguez (575 assists, 86 kills, 71 aces); Jr. OH Candise Deck (57 kills, 21 aces, 12 blocks); Jr. OH Aubrey Lindsey (11 kills, 9 aces, 66 digs); Jr. DS Heidi Holaday (2 kills, 2 aces, 6 digs); So. DS Kourtney McNamara (1 ace); Jr. DS Haley Nicholas (1 ace, 1 dig); So. DS Taylor Johnson (1 ace)

Varsity newcomers: Jr. MB Courtney Kinnaman (265 kills, 32 aces, 47.5 blocks at Blue River); Jr. DS Emma Sorensen; So. OH Mianna Casto; Fr. OH Lexi Shore

Varsity departures: OH Ashley North (241 kills, 60 aces, 236 digs), OH Lyndsea Burke (222 kills, 20 aces, 331 digs), Libero Autumn Roberts (13 aces and 334 digs)Varsity departures: OH Lyndsea Burke (222 kills, 331 digs, 20 aces); OH Ashley North (241 kills, 236 digs, 60 aces); OH Caroline Myers (10 kills, 15 digs); DS Autumn Roberts (334 digs)

Strengths: experience at setter; defense

Question marks: net play

Season outlook: “We will use the season as a pre-season for the IHSAA Sectional tournament,” Rodriguez says. “This group of girls has a strong desire to learn and I love coaching players that want to improve every time they step on the court. We will be a cohesive team!”


Coach: Mike Lingenfelter (second season back, seventh overall, 161-45)

Last season: 31-6, Class 2A state champions

Varsity returners: Sr. OH Brittany Cline (374 kills, 64 digs, 25 blocks); Sr. S Mackenzie Evans (648 assists, 46 aces); So. L Katie Foster (28 digs, five aces); So. S Kiley Lingenfelter (586 assists, 50 aces, 113 digs); Jr. MB Courtney Mitchell (33 kills, 24½ blocks); Sr. OH/MB Lindi Thomas (515 kills, 42 blocks); Sr. L Paige Williamson (142 digs, 31 aces)

Varsity newcomers: Sr. OH Aubreigh Applegate; So. DS Courtlin Boggs; Sr. MB Caitlyn Curry; Jr. MB Courtney Masters; So. OH Addie Reynolds

Varsity departures: DS Harley Barrett (seven digs); MB Kylie Castor (113 kills, 42½ blocks); OH Sierra Reed (411 digs, 128 kills, 32 aces); L Taylor Richardson (657 digs, 50 aces); MB Cate Wheeldon (136 kills, 20½ blocks)

Strengths: balance

Question marks: leadership; ball control

Season outlook: “It should be interesting,” Lingenfelter said. “If we can create great chemistry and steady out on first ball contacts, we have a shot at being pretty good.”


Coach: Biff Wilson (fourth season, 82-29)

Last season: 32-7, Class A state champions

Varsity returners: Sr. OH Hannah Sneed (144 kills); Jr. DS Natalie Heaton (157 digs, 45 aces); Jr. OH Maddie Prather (72 kills, 40 digs); Soph. OH Mackenzie Whitehead (117 kills, 25 blocks)

Varsity newcomers: Sr. DS Allie Doster; Jr. OH Myranda Foster; So. OH Mariah Berry; So. OH Megan Clark; So. S/OH Emilee Gates; So. DS Chloe Kinsey; So. OH/DS Kristen Lansing; So. S/OH Kennedy Petro; Fr. OH Alysa Sutton

Varsity departures: OH Alexa Antrim (440 kills, 53 aces, 309 digs); DS Emily Armantrout (37 aces, 108 digs); DS Sam Hoffman (21 aces, 69 digs); OH Marisa Mathews (402 kills, 31 aces, 158 digs, 32 blocks); S Logan Millspaugh (1063 assists, 69 aces, 208 digs); L Lindsay Niccum (357 digs, 36 aces)

Strengths: team chemistry; athleticism

Question marks: size; experience

Season outlook: “The Warriors graduated a wealth of talent, but expectations remain high with an experienced group forming the core of a very young team,” Wilson says. “Our goal is to show consistent improvement throughout the season and challenge for a sectional championship in October.”


Coach: Crystal Key (second season, 22-9)

Last season: 22-9, Randolph County champions

Varsity returners: Sr. OH Kim Brutchen (72 kills, 33 digs); Jr. OH/MH Bailey Gates (49 kills); Sr. DS Shelby Irelan; Jr. OH/MH Delaney Miller (172 kills, 42 blocks, 9 aces, 25 digs); Sr. RS/S Lauren Peacock (117 kills, 141 digs, 49 aces, 39 assists); Sr. OH Payton Smiley (262 kills, 119 digs, 26 aces, 38 blocks); Sr. S Chelsi Wall (656 assists, 43 kills, 37 aces, 114 digs)

Varsity newcomers: Fr. OH Leah Malkey; So. DS Brianna Weist; Fr. DS Emily White

Varsity departures: DS Ashleigh Maggart (129 digs, 47 aces); DS Hayley Myers; MB Rachael Osborn (75 kills, 57½ blocks)

Strengths: experience; offense; blocking

Question marks: depth; aggressiveness

Season outlook: “We continue to be small in numbers again this year, but our lack of depth is made up with our passion to win and play volleyball,” Keys says. “Fortunately for us, we have several girls returning who have worked hard in the offseason to get better and stronger. We are capable of beating anyone this season if we continually challenge each other as a team to do our best and we don’t beat ourselves first.”


Coach: Stephanie Bloom (fifth season, 126-19)

Last season: 37-2, Class 3A state champions

Varsity returners: Sr. OH Nikki Box (226 kills, 340 digs, 27 aces); Sr. OH Courtney Chowning (71 kills, 36 blocks); Jr. RS Rachel Hines (24 kills, 13 blocks); Sr. DS Harlie Holding (213 digs, 39 aces); Sr. OH Katie Miller (227 digs, 27 aces); Jr. S Taylor Zwickl (1,325 assists, 40 aces, 192 digs, 25 blocks)

Varsity newcomers: So. MB Karli Acree; So. MB Carson Malapit; Jr. RS Nicole Phillips

Varsity departures: MB Kelsey Barker (462 kills, 33½ blocks); L Kati Vasalakis (585 digs, 28 aces); MB Emily Wolfert (679 kills, 41 aces, 113 digs, 58½ blocks)

Strengths: experience at outside hitters and setter

Question mark: how two new middles adjust to varsity speed

Season outlook: “We are young and inexperienced in some positions but also have some veterans whose experience and play will be key to our success,” Bloom says. “We need to play at a high level both physically and mentally each day to reach the peak of our ability.”


The Star Press was unsuccessful in trying to reach coaches from Blackford and Union City.

Information provided by coaches, compiled by Thomas St. Myer


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ECI volleybal team previews
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