Falcons Need to Cut Down Mistakes

Falcons Need to Cut Down Mistakes


Falcons Need to Cut Down Mistakes


LOCKPORT, N.Y.- First-year football coach Jim Hagerty says the Niagara Wheatfield Falcons have a lot to work on after Saturday’s scrimmage at the Emmet Belknap Intermediate School.

“We started strong and we finished with a whimper. Unfortunately I didn’t really like the way we finished but early on against all-quality opponents, I thought we did okay,” said Hagerty.

Although the team started strong, as the day wore on the players became tired and hot resulting in a poor performance.

Senior Dan Miera said, “We have to get a lot mentally tougher because we’re making some stupid mistakes out there that we shouldn’t be making.”

Last year, the team’s record was 2-6-0.

If Saturday’s scrimmage was any indication, they might be looking at another tough season.


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