Football back at Albion: School to host Apocalypse for Homecoming

Football back at Albion: School to host Apocalypse for Homecoming


Football back at Albion: School to host Apocalypse for Homecoming


Albion High School will get to have a Homecoming game after all.

Prior to the start of the school year, Albion canceled the football season due to lack of interest in the program.

Some of the events that get caught up in that decision are Homecoming festivities, that usually surround the annual Homecoming game.

But Albion will still have its Homecoming game 7 p.m. Friday as the Battle Creek Homeschool Apocalypse has stepped in and will play its game against Howell Livingstone County Homeschool. The Apocalypse is a homeschool football team playing in the Christian Athletic League.

“It’s a win-win. One of the first questions, after we announced we wouldn’t have a football season, was from the senior ladies, who were asking what we were going to do about Homecoming,” said Albion High School Athletic Director Brad Shedd. “Besides the boys actually playing, one of the top things we had to think about were the obligations we had to the different parts of the school regarding Homecoming and Homecoming festivities. This came up and it was a natural.”

Albion’s connection to the Battle Creek Homeschool Apocalypse program is that it includes three players from Albion on the roster.

One of the missions of the Battle Creek homeschool team is to give players an avenue to play football if they don’t have one. That includes homeschool students, students from small Christian schools that don’t have football, and in this case, students from Albion, which dropped football this season.

“The kids get to actually play football at their own place for their Homecoming and the cool thing is that some of the teachers at Albion helped raise the money for the kids to actually play in our league – so there’s a lot of support,” said Apocalypse head coach Darin Scriber.

The three Albion players are Shaquille Cage, Kylor McDonald and Julian Arroyo.

To help fund the league and the team, there is a $350 fee for each player. Shedd said that an email went out to the Albion High School staff and that expense was paid for as the teachers ‘passed the hat’ to raise the money.

The opportunity to play meant a lot to the players, who at one point thought they had played their last high school football game.

“I knew this was my last year of football, so I was disappointed. It was my senior year and I wasn’t going to get to play so I was pretty bummed out when they first said we wouldn’t have a team,” Arroyo said. “Then this came about and it was my chance to play football one more year.

“There’s a lot of hype at the school. Everyone is excited and looking forward to Friday. It will be the only football game of the year at Albion this year.”

Getting involved with the homeschool team and seeing this chance to return to Albion and save the Homecoming game, saved the year for Cage.

“This turned my viewpoint around of how my senior year was going to be,” Cage said. “I was mad when they said no football. I wanted to get out of school, but this cheered me up. I am excited I get to play at least one game in my hometown during my senior year on the field that we were supposed to play on all year.”

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