Girls Athlete of the Week: Kristin Buttweiler, Albany

Girls Athlete of the Week: Kristin Buttweiler, Albany


Girls Athlete of the Week: Kristin Buttweiler, Albany


* Year in school/sport: Senior hitter on the Huskies’ volleyball team.

* Highlights: Buttweiler led Albany with 30 kills in helping the Huskies to the championship of the Braham Invitational on Saturday. Albany beat Princeton, Barnum, Rush City and St. Cloud Apollo to go 4-0 in the tournament.

* What has competing in athletics taught you? “It’s taught me a lot of things. Generally, I’m a pretty up-tight person, kind of a perfectionist. In volleyball, you can’t be like that at all.

“You can’t dwell on your mistakes. In volleyball, you really have to move on and get ready for the next point.”

* What’s your most memorable high school moment? “In volleyball, it was probably beating Melrose this year the first time we played. It was really intense. And we had a nice comeback from a pretty big gap. It was a really nice volleyball moment.”

* What’s your pre-match routine? “I hang out with friends and maybe eat a Subway. It’s pretty laid-back. There isn’t anything too unusual.”

* What’s your most embarrassing high school moment? “Oh my gosh, there’s a ton. My most embarrassing volleyball moment would have to be when I was wearing the wrong shirt the entire day.

“We were supposed to be wearing a different one, only I didn’t know it until one of my teammates pointed it out to me at the end of the day.”

* Favorite food: “Ice cream, if ice cream is considered a food.”

* Favorite movie: Sandlot.

* Favorite TV show: Army Wives.

* Favorite Web site/video game: Twitter. She likes to play solitare on the computer.

* What are your post-high-school plans? “I’d like to go to college somewhere toward the Twin Cities, but I’m not sure exactly. I’m interested in hospital administration. That’s really thinking big. Things are really open for me.”

* What’s next? The Huskies are host to Foley at 7:15 tonight. Albany is 8-0 in the Granite Ridge Conference with three conference matches left.

— Tom Elliott


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