Greg Winkler column: Getting involved again in youth soccer

Greg Winkler column: Getting involved again in youth soccer


Greg Winkler column: Getting involved again in youth soccer


I think some my faithful readers missed a pretty important soccer event a few weeks ago, when the Youth Soccer Association held their annual meeting.

This is the time when the association reviews the previous year and selects the new board of directors. I have been to many of these meetings over the years, many of them have less than 15 people and 11 of them are on the board. There have been years, back when we were discussing the building of the complex, that we had 150 members show up. This year I decided to attend and rough estimate put the count at just under 40 people, not too bad.

What did you miss? Well, I have seen the youth numbers drop, the select program has dropped teams, and it did not seem like people in soccer were having much fun running the greatest youth program in the city.

So instead of complaining about it, I decided to put my name on the ballot and see if I could jump back in to the youth scene. This was after much deliberation and conversations with my wife. We, our entire family, had already volunteered for over 18 years on the youth board and it is quite the commitment to jump back in.

I did not get on alone, three former youth and high school players of mine also put their names on the ballot. Alex O’Connor, former player and current teacher at Chegwin Elementary put his name on the ballot. Bryan Henslin, former player who recently moved back to town and opened Oakwood Chiropractic, looked to help the program. And Bart Winkler, my son and former player, currently the program director for K107 and morning host looked to make the commitment as well. We all received enough votes to get on the board for the 2012-13 season.

We joined a group of people that appear to have the best interests of youth soccer at heart and I believe we will bring the fun and excitement back to the soccer community. The current board includes:

Andre Nitkowski, vice-president, Dan Gerred our secretary, Andrea Kapps our treasurer, Bob Niederdorfer, Mark Chapin, Chad Collett, and Luke Neuman. I am really excited to work with this board and make a difference.

Our focus will be on increasing coaching education, allowing our coaches to feel more comfortable with the game and how they present skills to their teams.

We will also place an emphasis on player development. We are not only going to attempt to improve our select program but help our recreation league players raise their level of play.

This is such a wonderful sport and one that our children can play for a lifetime. We will make an effort to provide the tools needed to improve what we put on the field.

If you have any thoughts for this board or want to contact any of us please visit You can also like Fond du Lac Soccer Association on Facebook.

Watch for great things this summer and,

Keep on Kickin’


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