Greg Winkler Soccer Shorts column: Have fun in life, sports

Greg Winkler Soccer Shorts column: Have fun in life, sports


Greg Winkler Soccer Shorts column: Have fun in life, sports


There is an old African proverb the says, “It takes a community to raise a child.” While reading today’s article remember the proverb.

President Obama was criticized recently for offering his opinion on the USA Olympic Men’s Basketball team. To spark interest in the upcoming Olympic games, a debate has been started about which team is better; The Dream Team of 1992 or the current USA roster with LeBron and Durant. The President was asked which team would win and he gave his opinion.

He was immediately called out for making the statement. Why? You ask. Because people take themselves too seriously.

I do some leadership activities with my teams and with athletes. There is a big difference between being serious and taking yourself too seriously.

The President is showing good leadership by getting involved in this meaningless debates. He is showing the American people that he is human and he can have an opinion on who will win the Super Bowl or which USA Basketball team was better.

He is not letting the American people down by taking fifteen minutes to weigh in on this debate.

In leadership training there are a couple of things that one should always remember.

First of all, have an “Attitude of Gratitude”, be thankful for the things you have and the people you surround yourself with. And Secondly, the theme of today’s article, “Do not take yourself to seriously”. You have to have fun.

I was fortunate to have to very successful business people as my mentors.

My father, whom many of you know, was a manager for Copp’s Foods his entire life. He was a store manager in Fond du Lac and Oshkosh. My father was a caring and thoughtful manager, he was serious when he needed to be, but he never took himself to seriously. He could joke around with his employees, he found a way for them to have fun at their jobs.

My mother, whom even more of you know, was the GM and President of Holiday Inn and the WISCO Hotel Group. Both of my parents were never afraid to jump in and “get dirty” with the day-to-day operations of their businesses. My mom was often piling on mashed potatoes at a wedding function with everyone else.

I also remember a boss I had while working at Copp’s in Fond du Lac back in the late ’70s. His name was Mark Schneider, a very successful businessman now located in Arizona. Mark was an assistant grocery manager and in charge of the stock crew, which included me.

He was serious when it came to getting our work done, but again, never took himself too seriously.

As we stocked shelves when the trucks came in, Mark would come down our aisle and challenge us, to see who could get the most cases on the shelves.

We would race to get the job done, I would often let him beat me so I could challenge for a rematch.

He didn’t know it, but I got him to do half my work almost every night. If he took himself too seriously he would have never jumped in and helped, he made the job fun.

As coaches and as parents, we have to remember to make things fun. Life is serious enough, it can become unbearable when people take themselves too seriously. So lighten up a little, have a little fun and enjoy what is left of summer.

First Fondy Cardinal Soccer home game is Aug. 23rd at the complex, 7p.m. … see you there.

Keep on Kickin’.


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Greg Winkler Soccer Shorts column: Have fun in life, sports
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