J&C's female Student-Athlete of the Year: Harrison's Taylor VanArsdel

J&C's female Student-Athlete of the Year: Harrison's Taylor VanArsdel


J&C's female Student-Athlete of the Year: Harrison's Taylor VanArsdel


High school athletics has created many memories which I will never forget. From winning sectional championships to making it to the state finals, high school sports has truly been some of the best times in my life.

Josh Whitman, a family friend, has always said to “be in the moment.” As I entered my high school career, I kept this in mind as I knew I would be presented with opportunities I would never get again. When I think about “being in the moment,” I think about always having fun and being grateful for the opportunity you are presented. During each race or game, I never forgot that being able to play was a blessing, and because of this blessing I learned many lessons which will help me in all aspects of life, and it has shaped me into who I am today.

Teamwork is one of the biggest keys on any team. Each person is important, and it is one of the many things which makes a team successful. With each goal or basket, there was always an assist and a series of passes before the assist to set up the person who scored. There is camaraderie between teammates in high school sports that I have never seen anywhere else. Each individual is there for one another, and each person cares for their teammates’ success both on and off the court. Teamwork is used in all aspects of life, and learning through athletics prepares each athlete for the future.

Another lesson learned from high school sports is perseverance. Each team and each individual has many ups and downs during their athletic career. How a problem is dealt with is what defines a person. Anyone can give up when an injury occurs, or their season isn’t going the way they planned, but the determination and perseverance to prove people wrong can take a team a long way. The hard work, effort, and time that each athlete puts into their respective sports is amazing. These athletes are committed to their team from the first workout, and will do whatever it takes to help make their team successful.

Athletes gain a certain appreciation on different things through high school athletics. There will always be individual and team rivalries, however throughout my athletic career I respected and had admiration for many different athletes and teams. Their successes always pushed me harder and made me want to improve my own skills to benefit my team. You gain an appreciation for coaches and the work ethic and desire each athlete has. I learned many lessons from high school athletics that also helped me in my academics, and will continue to help me in college and life. I know high school sports has meant a lot to me, and I will always cherish the moments I was blessed to have.

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J&C's female Student-Athlete of the Year: Harrison's Taylor VanArsdel
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