KREAGER BLOG: Why a 4-class TSSAA system won't work

KREAGER BLOG: Why a 4-class TSSAA system won't work


KREAGER BLOG: Why a 4-class TSSAA system won't work


MURFREESBORO — Need to know why a four-class postseason format isn’t feasible in non-football sports? Here is how the addition of a classification would like affect the postseason.

This is what the TSSAA submitted at Tuesday’s Board of Control.

The question it doesn’t answer is how this would possibly change the TSSAA financial reports and cities bids for state championship events.


Currently, state golf tournament held in three consecutive weeks. If you add another Division I classification, another week for a state tournament must be held. That also requires the regular season to be shortened by one week, or lengthen the postseason by one week. Lengthening the season is a big issue because of weather concerns.

The top option would be to find a second course and have two tournaments in two successive weeks or cutting the number of participants and have two tournaments during the same time, which defeats the purpose of adding a class.


Four teams go to the state tournament. Keep the quarterfinal round out to the schools and advance the Final Four to a central site.

Three facilities are already being used. Adding another facility isn’t realistic.

The regional tournament must start earlier so the regular season must end earlier. Instead of the top two region teams advancing, all region winners could advance. Bypass the sectional round and go straight to the quarterfinal round to get to the Final Four, which is at the central site.


Same format changes needed as volleyball.


Currently, eight races (four boys and four girls) are ran at the Steeplechase Course and races are being held all day.

If you add one class, you are adding two races. If you add two classes (DI Class A, AA, AAA and AAAA) you are adding four races.

Racing Friday isn’t an option, leaving the best option two Saturdays.


Only four teams from each class can get to the state tournament.

First option is for sectional winners to meet and play a quarterfinal round at a local gym with odd regions hosting in odd years.

That could require shortening the season.

It is possible for the girls and boys tournaments to be held in the same week.

You could eliminate the sectional game and have region winners play a quarterfinal round with quarterfinal winners making the Final Four at a central site.

Leave the regular season alone and advance only the top two district teams to the region. Hold region semifinals and finals with the region champion advancing to a quarterfinal game.


Adding a class would require region champions only to reach the sectional round with final four making the state tournament.


Adding an extra class in dual or individual would require extending the tournament.


Adding one or more classes would require decreasing number of teams that advance to the central site with sectional winners playing a quarterfinal round to determine the team that advances. Or several more additional tennis courts will be needed.


Cannot add one or more classes without decreasing the number of participants, or multiple sites needed.


Final Four at state tournament would be a necessity.

Only eight region champions advance to play each other in a sectional/quarterfinal round with four sectional winners advancing.


Going to four classes would drastically reduce the number of teams that advance in tennis, baseball, softball, soccer as well as track qualifiers to keep Spring Fling Championship week.

Four classes eliminates the current six-class football playoff format and gives serious consideration to going back to a five-class plan.


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