LaQuvionte Gonzalez modeled his game after Reggie Bush

LaQuvionte Gonzalez modeled his game after Reggie Bush


LaQuvionte Gonzalez modeled his game after Reggie Bush


LaQuvionte Gonzalez is Cedar Hill (Texas) football’s go-to guy — he can play a head-spinning six positions.

From running back, wide receiver, cornerback, safety, punt returner and even a little quarterback, this Texas A&M commit practically owns the field on Friday Night Lights.

Come Jan. 4, Gonzalez will put his versatile skills to the test against the best of the best in the sixth annual Under Armour All-America Game presented by American Family Insurance. Gonzalez is one of 90 elite senior high school football players selected to play in the nationally televised game, which takes place in St. Petersburg, Fla.

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Gonzalez says he tries to be resourceful with his time as much as possible. He even turns his downtime into training time, and has been known to do pushups while watching TV.

That’s just a small part of what’s contributed to his exceptional success. What else exactly is responsible for his results on the field? Gonzalez paused for a speedy minute to tell us.

What’s your preparation mentality in how you approach to the game?

Hard work. I started playing at 11 on a little league team. I didn’t play much — the coach said that I wasn’t very good. It kind of put me down, but it also motivated me. I started training to get faster and stronger. [Coach] was surprised. He didn’t know I had that in me. The next year, he started me at running back.

Define hard work. How have you invested in yourself?

Hard work to me is practicing when it’s 96-degrees, but you still go out on the field and practice and run routes with your teammates. Hard work is getting in the weight room a lot, and making sure you eat right.

You’re known for your speed and agility. What’s one way you’ve refined these strengths?

I used to want to be just like Reggie Bush. I never saw someone run and play like he did when he was at USC. I’d watch videos of him and try and take his moves. He taught me a lot. For one move I got from him, I run and plant my foot as if I’m going one way, but then I reverse and move the other way.

Based on your experience, what advice can you offer athletes who strive to reach your level?

Eat right. Believe it or not, what you eat is a big deal on the field. If you eat bad, you can get cramps and get tired really quick. I try to eat healthy. I eat a lot of fruit, salad and vegetables, and I drink water all the time.


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