Littleton football's feminine side

Littleton football's feminine side


Littleton football's feminine side


It is a rare sight. But not unheard of.

“She’s done a great job. I don’t worry at all putting her in to a varsity game,” said Littleton football coach Jay Lukes.

He’s talking about his senior, Christina Keefe. From time to time you’ll find a girl on a football team. More often than not, they handle the place kicking. But that’s what sets Keefe apart.

“No, I’m not much of a kicker,” she said laughing.

She prefers to be right in the mix on the offensive and defensive line.

“She handles the violence of the game pretty well,” Lukes told 9News. “Ya, she’s pretty tough. I know a lot of players on the team that wouldn’t want to mess with her too much.”

The senior is playing just her second year of football. But she starts on the J.V. team, and has played up with the varsity squad.

“There are some pretty high expectations, and as long as you live up to those expectations it doesn’t matter if you’re a boy or a girl or not. As long as you want to be here and work, then you can do it,” said Lukes.

And Keefe has. She says her teammates have been very accepting, but she wishes she could change 1 thing.

“I love it,” she told 9News. “I wish I would have started as a freshman, that’s my biggest regret, starting as a junior.”

She’s not just a player on the team. To steal a line from her coach: she’s a pretty good player.


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