Manchester: Q&A with coach Gerard O'Donnell

Manchester: Q&A with coach Gerard O'Donnell


Manchester: Q&A with coach Gerard O'Donnell


Manchester coach Gerard O’Donnell begins his seventh season as a head coach and talks about his expectactions for this year’s Manchester squad, which will feature a variety of new faces.

Q: What will the Hawks look like this year?

A: I think what you’ve seen over the last five years is that our program has pretty well established itself as one that is going to be very competitive. We lost 22 seniors last year, but I still want to keep that going. With this year’s class of seniors and juniors, they understand the competition and we see it every day in practice and how they are competing for spots. Our sophomores are doing the same thing and they have an opportunity to compete as well.

Q: What are the goals this year?

A: We always set goals in the beginning. First goal, you always want to win your division and (Class) B South this year has changed. We lost Lacey and Brick and we feel we have just as good a shot as anybody in our division to go after (the Class) B South (title) and that’s our first goal. Our second goal as always is that Thanksgiving game versus (Monsignor) Donovan and they kind of took it to us last year. We have to look forward to them. That’s part of building a program. You have to set goals early and don’t forget your rival.

Q: You’ve been a head coach for seven seasons now, why is coaching football still fun for you?

A: I’m a teacher first and I get to teach the sport of football. I love it. There is nothing better than being able to go to your classroom.


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