Midweek Roundtable: What's the most unbreakable record in sports?

Midweek Roundtable: What's the most unbreakable record in sports?


Midweek Roundtable: What's the most unbreakable record in sports?


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Jim Halley, Reporter

There's no such thing as an unbreakable record. If someone or some team did it once, it can be done again. However, there are a lot of records that are unlikely to be broken because the sport itself has changed. I can't imagine anyone else dominating to the extent that Wilt Chamberlain did to score 100 points in an NBA game. There's too much talent in the league for that to happen again soon. Hack Wilson had 191 RBI for the Chicago Cubs in 1930. Despite players playing more games and taking steroids, nobody has come close. UCLA won seven national championships in a row in men's basketball. Nobody, not even Kentucky, can hoard enough talent these days to win three in a row, much less seven. Wayne Gretzky has more career assists (1,963) than anyone else has career points in the NHL.

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Jason Jordan, Reporter

It’d have to be Wilt Chamberlain’s 100-point game. I remember watching Kobe Bryant score 81 and I was in complete shock that he was doing that. Nowadays there’s too much talent on these teams for a guy to even get the shots to break that record. I think Wilt’s record is very safe.

Sarah Gearhart, Reporter

Michael Phelps' 22 Olympic medals—18 gold. Respect! One Olympic gold medal is plenty incredible, but accumulating more than a dozen is undeniably admirable and untouchable. Phelps is a once-in-a-lifetime athlete. I can't fathom another super being crushing his reputation. Then again, never say never.

Scott Allen, Content Producer

I'm pretty confident that no baseball player will ever come close to breaking Cal Ripken's record of 2,632 consecutive games played. The Iron Man surpassed Lou Gehrig's old record by more than 500 games and the next-longest streak in the modern era was Steve Garvey's 1,207 games played. One reason I think Ripken's streak is safe is that managers today seem more inclined to rest players during the regular season, whether during a slump, at the end of a long road trip, or even for the second game of a double-header.

David Scott, Content Manager

The most unbreakable sports record is Antonio Cromartie’s 109-yard touchdown. I’m not saying it’s the most impressive but this record cannot be beat. There is no possible way to score a touchdown longer than 109 yards so therefore it has to be the most unbreakable. The most impressive sports record has to be Brett Favre’s consecutive game streak. Favre played in 297 consecutive NFL games. Now that’s impressive. With the physical violence that players endure on a weekly basis in football it’s hard to believe that someone can go an entire season without missing a game, let alone 19 years.   

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Suzanne Schwerer, Content Manager

Hockey legend Wayne Gretzky’s ridiculous point totals. He finished his career with 894 goals, 1,963 assists, and 2,857 points, and holds the record for most points in one season with 215; that’s 106 more points than this past season's top scorer, Evgeni Malkin.


Morgan Wooten, Hall of Fame basketball coach, formerly of DeMatha (Hyattsville, Md.)
In the pros, the ones that come to mind are DiMaggio's 56-game hitting streak and Cal Ripken's consecutive games streak. Of course, Ripken broke Lou Gehrig's streak, but I don't see anybody passing Cal. The one we had at DeMatha is pretty good too. For 44 consecutive years, we won 20 games or more and for 30 years in a row, every member of our basketball team who graduated got a scholarship to college.

Kameron Chatman, Basketball, Poly (Long Beach, Calif.), Junior

Definitely Wilt Chamberlain’s 100-point game. No one’s breaking that. Ever.
Jahlil Okafor, Basketball, Whitney Young (Chicago), Junior

Gotta be Wilt Chamberlain and the famous 100-point game. Kobe came close with the 81, but no one will get that 100. No one.
Dymonte Thomas, Football, Marlington (Alliance, Ohio), Senior

I’d have to say Bryce Harper’s 502-foot homerun that he hit at the Power Showcase in 2009. That’s the longest homerun every hit in high school baseball. That is insane. He’s just a beast. No one’s doing that.

Todd Simon, Findlay Prep (Henderson, Nev.) boys basketball coach

The Cal Ripken consecutive games streak is pretty impressive, the DiMaggio hit streak (56 consecutive games) is pretty impressive. I'm not sure we'll see someone else score 100 points in an NBA game (set in 1962 by Wilt Chamberlain) any time soon.
Harry Anglin, H.D. Woodson (Washington, D.C.) girls basketball coach

All of Jerry Rice's career receiving records are the most unbreakable in sports in my opinion.  I have a few other records that I think are unbreakable too, but thats my No. 1.
Mat Taylor, Skyline (Sammamish, Wash.) football coach

I would definitely say it would be De La Salle's 151-game win streak. I don't think anybody else would come close.


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Midweek Roundtable: What's the most unbreakable record in sports?
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