No Stopping Grandview's Reece Weber

No Stopping Grandview's Reece Weber


No Stopping Grandview's Reece Weber


He is one *tough* kid.

“I love the competition and work everyday as hard as I can to be the best athlete and best person I can possibly be,” said Grandview senior Reece Weber.

Weber is Grandview’s starting quarterback, and also a star baseball player. It seems like nothing will stop him. We’ve seen him crash in to walls, run over teammates chasing fly balls, and most recently an improbable 4th quarter comeback versus Mullen.

It all makes sense when you know what he’s been through.

“Luckily God gave me the strength in my body to overcome cancer,” Weber told 9News.

Weber was diagnosed with leukemia at 4 years old.

“It was a struggle for me, but also for my family,” he said.

Weber fought for 4 years and he won.

He is too young to be a cancer survivor, but that’s what he is and he uses it.

“Whatever the situation may be, deep inside I know I have the power, the will and motivation to go on and be successful,” said Weber.

And that is his plan. He wants to take his passion to the next level, and I’m not talking about football or baseball. Weber will make his college decision based on a pre-med program.

“I was saved through medicine and I feel almost that I want to give back to it,” he said. “And try to save other people lives like those doctors saved mine.”

If he can play baseball or football than it’s a bonus, but becoming a doctor is his focus. And as you might imagine, he has his goals set high.

“Maybe find a cure to my own disease which would be fantastic.”


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