One handed basketball player a national sensation

One handed basketball player a national sensation


One handed basketball player a national sensation


MILTON, Ga. — A metro Atlanta basketball player may not be the top scorer on his team, but he’s getting attention all around the country.

Zach Hodskins’ highlight reel has more than 2-million hits on YouTube. It’s been seen on national television. The Milton High School junior has been asked to appear on NBC’s Today Show.

Watch him play, and it’s easy to miss the fact that he’s missing his left hand and most of his left arm.

“This guy is doing something special with one arm,” said teammate Mo Lewis. “We have to pick our level up too. If he’s out their hustling hard, we’ve got to do the same.”

After the passing of a beloved football coach earlier this month, Milton High School needed a boost.
Enter Zach Hodskins.

“I honestly didn’t know what to expect, if he could handle the ball,” said teammate Scott Kelly. “He played so well the first day, he convinced us. It was incredible.”

Zach Hodskins was born with a physical challenge that didn’t crush his competitive spirit. As a youngster, he played baseball and surfed, but it was on the basketball court where he felt whole.

“When I’m out socializing I’m cautious about it,” said Hodskins. “When I step on the court, I play freely,like I have two hands like anyone else.”

Many an opponent has fallen victim to underestimating Zach Hodskins.

“They kind of think maybe he’ll be slow, and back off a little bit,” said Milton Coach Van Keys. “By the time they get to him, the shot is up and in.”

Hodskins has developed into the team’s 3-point sharpshooter. His quick moves allow him to drive around an opponent. Using his one hand, he’s learned to dribble between his legs and drive to the basket.

Zach’s plan is to play college basketball and serve as a motivational speaker.

“I just say if you feel down in life, if anything is holding you back, don’t let it,” said Hodskins. “Go out there and do your thing. Follow your dream.”

He’s got the whole world in his hand.

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One handed basketball player a national sensation
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