Outdoors Dan: Hunter upset about high fence properties

Outdoors Dan: Hunter upset about high fence properties


Outdoors Dan: Hunter upset about high fence properties


1. I am so upset that a high fence property in Iowa has the chance to ruin deer hunting for us with his infected deer. Why is this allowed? It affects all of us normal working people that could never afford to buy one of his canned hunts in the first place. I am really mad about this, and I want to yell at someone.

I understand you are upset. There are a lot of people upset about this, but losing your temper is not going to help. I am the first one to say this should not be happening, and you should take a stand on this. I would suggest you call your legislator and voice your opinion to them. Then get a petition signed with all your hunting buddies, and take it to them before the election.

Another thing you can do is join the Iowa Bow Hunters. They have a full-time lobbyist that can help stop problems like this, and give you a stronger voice as a hunter here in Iowa. I join every bow hunting association in every state that I hunt in to help protect hunting rights.

My own opinion is I have never been a fan of high fence properties. This became even stronger since I have been told that the DNR does not have complete authority over these operations, and their hands are tied on some of the chronic wasting disease issues, which include culling and killing the infected deer immediately. That needs to change here in Iowa, if these operations are allowed to continue, so the DNR can take control of any future outbreaks that would put our wildlife in harm’s way.

2. What do you recommend for a hand help release?

I would suggest you find one that fits comfortably in your hand, that eliminates any torque you might get on your bow string. This will allow you to shoot the same way every time, and it will improve your accuracy. I like the Scott Caliper for a hand held release. It works well and gets off the string loop really clean.

3. What do you recommend for fall bass fishing lures?

Right now I would be throwing any lure that resembles a shad. They are starting to group up and the bass are focusing on shad or minnows right now. I just had Bass Angler Magazine’s Gary Klien on my radio show, and he suggested spinner baits with willow blades this time of year. Gary is one of the best, and I always take his advice.


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Outdoors Dan: Hunter upset about high fence properties
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