Panthers Youngsters Getting Up To Speed

Panthers Youngsters Getting Up To Speed


Panthers Youngsters Getting Up To Speed


LOCKPORT, N.Y.- After weeks of practicing over the summer, the younger players on the Sweet Home Panthers were well prepared for Saturday’s scrimmage at Emmet Belknap Intermediate School.

Wide receiver Carter Mann thought the sophomores and juniors played well. “They’re a little surprised at the speed of the game. It speeds up a bit when you hit that varsity level. I think they did good. A lot of good kids stepped up today when we needed them,” said Mann.

Head coach John Faller said the summer practice put the team a step ahead of the others.

Faller said, “Overall, our execution was good, our offense, our defense, our run defense did a good job today which is always important.”

Last year, the Panthers played a 10-1-0 season, and are expected to have another good season this year.


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