Pigskin Prognosticators: Week 4

Pigskin Prognosticators: Week 4


Pigskin Prognosticators: Week 4


The race for high school football’s “Pigskin Prognosticator” champion of the world is getting interesting.

Last year, it was a runaway train with Dave Chudowsky as the conductor.

Now, what a difference a year makes.  (At least three weeks into the high school football season.) 

Tim Dubravetz was last week’s winner at 5-1.  His only mistake:  picking Maple Hts. over Chardon.

Chudowsky, Vincent Dorsey and Brian Crane all finished at 4-2.

We have a three-way tie for the top spot.  It may be crowded for first-place but there is still a long way to go in the high school football season. 

Here’s the breakdown:

Last week’s picks:

Dubravetz:  5-1

Chudowsky:  4-2

Dorsey:  4-2

Crane:  4-2

Overall Pigskin Prognosticator standings:

Chudowsky:  11-5

Doresey:  11-5

Dubravetz:  11-5

Crane:  8-8

Week 4 picks:

Aurora at Chagrin Falls

Chudowsky:  Chagrin Falls

Dorsey:  Chagrin Falls

Dubravetz:  Aurora

Crane:  Chagrin Falls

Cleveland Hts. at Bedford

Chudowsky:  Cleveland Hts.

Dorsey:  Cleveland Hts.

Dubravetz:  Cleveland Hts.

Crane:  Bedford

Tallmadge at Copley

Chudowsky:  Copley

Dorsey:  Copley

Dubravetz:  Copley

Crane:  Copley

Avon Lake at North Olmsted

Chudowsky:  Avon Lake

Dorsey:  North Olmsted

Dubravetz:  Avon Lake

Crane:  North Olmsted

Solon at North Royalton

Chudowsky:  Solon

Dorsey:  North Royalton

Dubravetz:  North Royalton

Crane:  North Royalton

Brunswick at Hudson

Chudowsky:  Hudson

Dorsey:  Hudson

Dubravetz:  Brunswick

Crane:  Hudson


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