Pigskin Prognosticators: Week 5

Pigskin Prognosticators: Week 5


Pigskin Prognosticators: Week 5


There is a new lead dog in the high school football pigskin prognosticators pack.

Tim Dubravetz is the overall leader at 15-7.  Dave Chudowsky and Vincent Dorsey are both tied for second place at 14-8.

This is the first time Dubravetz has ever led the prognosticators. 

How long can he hold on to the lead?

An interesting note from last week’s picks.  No one correctly picked Tallmadge at Copley.  0-4 for the group. 

Will there be another 0-for game this week?  Let’s find out.  

Last week’s picks:

Dubravetz: 4-2

Chudowsky:  3-3

Dorsey:  3-3

Crane:  2-4

Overall Pigskin Prognosticator standings:

Dubravetz: 15-7

Chudowsky:  14-8

Dorsey:  14-8

Crane:  10-12

Here are the week 5 picks:

Kirtland (4-0) at Cuyahoga Hts. (4-0)

Dubravetz:  Kirtland

Chudowsky:  Kirtland

Dorsey:  Kirtland

Crane:  Cuyahoga Hts.

Midpark (4-0 at Avon Lake (3-1)

Dubravetz:  Avon Lake

Chudowsky:  Avon Lake

Dorsey:  Avon Lake

Crane:  Avon Lake

John Adams (1-3) at East Tech (1-3)

Dubravetz:  East Tech

Chudowsky:  John Adams

Dorsey:  John Adams

Crane:  East Tech

Conneaut (0-4) at Pymatuning Valley (0-4)

Dubravetz:  Pymatuning Valley

Chudowsky:  Conneaut

Dorsey:  Pymatuning Valley

Crane:  Pymatuning Valley

Fairport (3-1) at Independence (4-0)

Dubravetz:  Fairport

Chudowsky:  Independence

Dorsey:  Fairport Harding

Crane:  Independence

Ursuline (3-1) at St. Edward (4-0)

Dubravetz:  St. Edward

Chudowsky:  St. Edward

Dorsey:  St. Edward

Crane:  St. Edward


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