Pigskin Prognosticators: Week 9

Pigskin Prognosticators: Week 9


Pigskin Prognosticators: Week 9


We have a tie for the top pigskin prognosticator.

Both Tim Dubravetz and Vincent Dorsey of USATodayHSS.com share the crown with two weeks remaining in the regular season.

Both have an overall record of 31-15.

Dubravetz had a rough week of picks finishing 2-4 while Dorsey compiled a 3-3 record.

WKYC-TV’s Dave Chudowsky has the best week 8 at 4-2.  He is in third place at 27-17. 

WKYC-TV’s Brian Crane finished 2-4.  He is in fourth place (or last depending on how you look at it) at 20-26.

None of our panelists correctly picked the Lutheran East-Mathews game or the Valley Forge-Garfield Heights game last week.

All of our prognosticators correctly picked St. Edward over St. Xavier.

Last week’s picks:

Chudowsky:  4-2

Dubravetz:  3-3

Dorsey:  3-3

Crane:  2-4

Overall pigskin prognosticators:

Dubravetz:  31-15

Dorsey:  31-15

Chudowsky:  27-17

Crane:  20-26

Normandy (1-7) vs. Valley Forge (2-6)

Dubravetz:  Valley Forge

Dorsey:  Valley Forge

Chudowsky:  Valley Forge

Crane:  Normandy

Elyria (6-2) at Hudson (7-1)

Dubravetz:  Hudson

Dorsey:  Hudson

Chudowsky:  Hudson

Crane:  Hudson

Euclid (5-3) at Maple Heights (4-4)

Dubravetz:  Euclid

Dorsey:  Euclid

Chudowsky:  Euclid

Crane:  Euclid

Perry (3-5) at Wickliffe (3-5)

Dubravetz:  Wickliffe

Dorsey:  Perry

Chudowsky:  Perry

Crane:  Wickliffe

Cloverleaf (3-5) at Revere (0-8)

Dubravetz:  Cloverleaf

Dorsey:  Cloverleaf

Chudowsky:  Cloverleaf

Crane:  Cloverleaf

SVSM (7-1) at Massillon Washington (7-1)

Dubravetz:  SVSM

Dorsey:  Massillon Washington

Chudowsky:  Massillon Washington

Crane:  Massillon Washington 



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