Player profile: Anna Ernst

Player profile: Anna Ernst


Player profile: Anna Ernst


School: Rocky Mountain

Sport: Basketball

Position: Forward

Height: 6-foot

You’ve been playing on the varsity team since you were a freshman for the Lobos. What’s it been like to be a three-year varsity player?: It’s been an amazing experience. It’s what I love to do, so it’s awesome to continue to do it.

You’ve scored 20-plus points in six of the seven games this season. Is there a secret to the great start?: Well, my shot has been on and that’s helped. I’ve been trying to rebound and get some points that way and my teammates have helped me. I really didn’t think I’d be averaging 20 points.

Your team has only one senior on its roster. You have started 4-3, but what are the expectations for this year’s Rocky team?: We are very young, so maybe the expectations aren’t that high. But we want to keep them high. We haven’t played much together, so the more experience we get together, the more we’ll get in a flow.

Favorite athlete: Rajon Rondo

Favorite college: USC

Favorite TV show: Don’t have one

Last good movie you watched: Pitch Perfect

Best pregame music: U2 or Coldplay

Do you want to continue your basketball career in college (and where)?: Yes, that is the ultimate goal.


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