Player profile: Christina Spicer

Player profile: Christina Spicer


Player profile: Christina Spicer


You were just named the IBM High School Hero of the Week. Why do you think you were recognized?

I love playing sports, but I am also very active in my community and am a leader in my school.

Do you enjoy playing volleyball for a smaller school like Liberty Common rather than one of Class 5A teams in town?

I love playing volleyball for a smaller school rather than a Class 5A school, because I get more personal attention from my coach and I also get more playing time than I would at a big school. Playing for a small school also allows me to be active in many other extracurricular activities other than volleyball, while I couldn’t participate in as many things at a bigger school.

This season, you have 101 digs, 58 kills, 24 aces and 13 blocks. What makes you so versatile?

My coach is very good at making sure that as a team we work on every aspect of our game, not just one thing. Every practice, we work on something different so that we are all very versatile and can play any position that we need to.

Favorite athlete: Peyton Manning

Favorite food: Big City Burrito

Favorite college: Kansas State

Favorite TV show: Psych

Last good movie you watched: Remember the Titans

Best pre-game music: Hip-hop or rap

Do you want to play volleyball in college?: Intramurals, definitely.


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