Player Profile: Kaylee Zimlich

Player Profile: Kaylee Zimlich


Player Profile: Kaylee Zimlich


* School: Poudre

* Sport: Volleyball

Position: Outside hitter

* Height: 6-0

* Year: Senior

* You’ve been a team captain for the past two seasons, what do you bring to the table that suits the honor?: I’m a vocal leader. I like to take charge. I also like to hold my team accountable and I’m one of the stronger players, so I can lead by example.

* You lead Poudre in almost every statistical category. What has been the key to our success?: My position kind of helps, being outside I get set more, so that helps. I didn’t really get good until freshman year when I first played varsity and I was thrown in with all of the good players. That really helped.

* It’s been a difficult start to Front Range League play for Poudre. How does the team turn it around?: We’re just going to have to not make errors. We stay with all of the teams we play, but we error too much and that’s the difference between us and the other teams. If we’re able to eliminate those errors, we’ll win a lot more.

* Favorite athlete: Michael Phelps

Favorite food: Chips and guacamole

* Favorite college: University of Oregon

* Favorite TV show: Law & Order: SVU, Criminal Minds

* Last good movie you watched: 21 Jump Street

* Best pregame music: Anything

* Do you want to play volleyball in college: No. I just want to focus on school.


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