Q&A with New Washington's Kriston Sarver | 'I just love the competition'

Q&A with New Washington's Kriston Sarver | 'I just love the competition'


Q&A with New Washington's Kriston Sarver | 'I just love the competition'


New Washington senior captain Kriston Sarver and the Mustangs (7-2 and ranked No. 11 in Class A) are off to a solid start on the basketball court. Sarver, a three-sport athlete, is averaging 11.9 points and 3.8 rebounds per game.

Has the good beginning to the season earned some respect?

I definitely think we’ve earned respect. We have shown people that, even though we’re a small school, we can play with big schools and win.

Coaches ask seniors to be team leaders. What are the characteristics of a good leader, and who is someone you use as an example of that?

They make sure the team is doing what they’re supposed to do. They try to always do what’s best for the team. I’ve always thought my brother (Robbie) showed good leadership, and I always looked up to him.

What do you enjoy the most about basketball?

My dad got me started on basketball as soon as I could pick up a ball. I just love the competition.

As a three-sport athlete at a small school, how do you manage your time?

The coaches make it a lot easier. They give us breaks when we need them. I occasionally need a few days off, and they give us a few days when we go into a new sport. That helps. And I just work my schedule around it.

What made you decide to attend Southern Indiana and major in ultrasound technology?

Southern Indiana has a new ultrasound technician program that is really good. I really like babies, I enjoy being with my two nieces, and I thought it would be cool to tell people what they’re having. And it also has to do with, when someone gets hurt, I can check and see what’s wrong with them.

You’re a member of Students Against Drunk Driving. Why is that important to you?

I have had friends that have done such not-good things. And I always thought it was a nice club to join because it means something.

What was the scariest part of the day the tornado struck in the spring?

I was in school and had no contact with my family. My oldest sister works in the hardware store in Maryville, and I had no idea if she was OK or not. That store was the only thing it didn’t take out.

What is the goal of this team?

Our goal is to win a state championship. If we all believe we can do it, then we can achieve it. We’re going all the way. Coach (Terry White) has always taught us to reach for the highest goal and expect to achieve it. Don’t set yourself up to fail.

Is there a player you watch for pointers?

I usually look to my teammate Ashley Johnson (the team scoring leader at 19.1). She’s good and knows what she’s talking about. You can always learn things from anybody, even if they’re younger.

Who has been your role model?

My brother is definitely my hero I’ve always looked up to. And one of my teachers, Tim McDonald (in history), has taught me a lot about life. No matter how hard it gets, you can always keep going and there’s always something to look forward to.

What lessons have you learned from playing high school sports?

Definitely teamwork, working together. You can’t do much all by yourself. And I will always have the friends that I made in my sports. I’m definitely closest to them. It’s hard to think that I won’t be around the people I always have been.


School: New Washington

Year: Senior

Family: Parents Karen and Doug; brother Robbie (28); sisters Samantha (22) and Danielle (21)

Student/athlete: Kriston also plays volleyball and runs track. She is a member of the National Honor Society, SADD, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and the student council. She plans to attend the University of Southern Indiana and major in ultrasound technology.

Coach Terry White: “Kriston possesses so much athletic ability that allows her to participate in multiple sports, and we are definitely glad basketball is one of them. She is a team captain for us, not only because of her on-court demeanor, but her off-court demeanor as well. You can count on her to give the maximum effort at whatever she does. What I admire most, though, is not her athleticism but her personal character that not only I respect, but those around her also respect.”

— Justin Sokeland

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Q&A with New Washington's Kriston Sarver | 'I just love the competition'
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