Reagles, Homer girls capture regional title

Reagles, Homer girls capture regional title


Reagles, Homer girls capture regional title


Behind Jessica Reagle’s first-place time of 19 minutes, 40.6 seconds and Amanda Reagle’s second-place finish of 20:06, the Homer girls’ cross country team won the Division 4 regional at Portage West Middle School on Saturday.

Homer won the regional with an impressive score of 24. The top three teams at each regional, along with the top 15 individual runners, advanced to the state meet on Nov. 3 at Brooklyn’s Michigan International Speedway.

Joining Reagle duo at the state meet from Homer will be Bailey Manis (fourth, 20:21.7), Johnica March (sixth, 21:10.3), Alexis Mestdagh (11th, 21:48.3) and Kayla Kline (14th, 21:52.8).

Also earning a trip to MIS by way of their top-15 finishes were Athens’ Audrey Oswalt (12th, 21:29.2) and Colon’s Skyler Harvey (10th, 21:20.2).

Athens finished seventh with 160 points. Scoring for the Indians were Oswalt, McKenzie Fuller (35th, 26:28), Alysha Beal (36th, 26:37), Ambiti Losre (39th, 27:51) and Bargolis Sigurdardottir (40th, 28:55).

St. Philip had a pair of runners in Abriana Burrill (40th, 24:26.9) and Amanda Yacovoni (57th, 29:27.1).

Colon’s top runners were Harvey, Anessa Broker (29th, 23:25.8) and Brianne Reichert (45th, 26:01.3).

Marshall Academy’s top runners were Sofiya Stumpos (32nd, 23:39.8) and Reagon Cool (43rd, 25:36.1).

Tekonsha’s top runners were Janet Ulleg (38th, 24:22.8) and Kaitlyn Aldrich (49th, 26:47.6).

Albion’s top runners were Teddi Stovall (41st, 24:45.2) and Mercedes Pace (54th, 28:56.7) and Mallory Wilder (59th, 30:13.4).

In the boys’ race, Concord won the regional title with 20 points, while Albion advanced to the state meet by way of its third-place score of 91.

Headed to MIS for Albion will be Bryan Peoples (12th, 17:37.3), Zach Hudson (13th, 17:37.9), Dalen Cage (15th, 17:58.7), Chris Bell (24th, 18:51.8) and Jontaj Wallace (27th, 18:57.1).

Individuals earning a spot at the Division 4 state meet included Tekonsha’s Joseph Newcomb (second, 16:44.2), Colon’s Harley Thompson (12th, 17:32.4) and Climax-Scotts’ Eldon Ulsh (15th, 17:39.4).

Homer finished sixth with 189 points, and were led by Austin Yeakey (21st, 18:39), Cody Calhoun (29th, 19:10), Dakota Glassburn (32nd, 19:14), Hunter Weeks (53rd, 20:42) and Tom Marvil (54th, 20:51).

Colon placed seventh with 198 points and were led by Thompson, Kyle Poortenga (23rd, 18:50), Jonathan Stewart (49th, 20:21), Larry Peppers (51st, 20:29) and Ben Weaver (64th, 22:24).

Athens finished ninth with 233 points and was led by Mason Mears (33rd, 19:18), Will Fairchild (42nd, 19:50), Jake Iles (48th, 20:19), Casey Hardin (52nd, 20:33) and Steven Waring (58th, 21:14).

St. Philip placed 10th with 253 points, led by Nicholas Newton (20th, 18:32), Andres Campos (39th, 19:36), Ethan Rutherford (60th, 22:09), Daniel Yates (65th, 22:42) and Teddy McNeir (69th, 23:26).

Running for Climax-Scotts were Ulsh and Isaac Swager (42nd, 19:44.1).

Marshall Academy’s runner was Jacob Kempinski (58th, 20:50.8).

Division 2 at Jackson Vandercook Lake

The Gull Lake girls’ squad captured the regional title and advanced to state with 64 points, while Marshall is also headed to MIS after its third-place score of 112.

Gull Lake’s scorers were Mikayla Hostetler (fifth, 19:03.5), Lilly Fell (10th, 20:02.8), Jori Fell (14th, 20:19.1), Paige O’Connor (16h, 20:29.1) and Hayley Buckhout (19th, 20:32.5).

Marshall’s scorers were Brianna Kalisz (eighth, 19:42.1), Lauren Feasel (18th, 20:32), Abbey Ufkes (20th, 20:33.2), Maya Williams (27th, 21:05) and Anyah Preston (39th, 21:31.1).

Individuals joining Marshall and Gull Lake at the Division 2 state meet will be Coldwater’s Becca Schott (seventh, 19:19.6) and Pennfield’s Audri Bornamann (ninth, 19:53).

Harper Creek finished 10th with a score of 252, and were led by Meghan Schulz (33rd, 21:22.8), Jessica Carlsen (51st, 21:58.8), Meghann Richards (61st, 22:29.1) and Haley Burritt (69th, 23:07.6).

Pennfield finished 13th with a score of 299, and were led by Bornamann, Lauren Smith (55th, 22:13), Naomi Joseph (65th, 22:50), Jill Traxler (84th, 24:41) and Kylee Mead (86th, 24:43).

Coldwater placed 14h with a score of 319, led by Schott, Natalee Dally (37th, 21:30), Madison Scheetz (89th, 24:58), Kelly Haskins (91st, 26:22) and Aby Hewitt (95th, 29:53).

In the boys’ regional, Gull Lake moved on to the state meet with its second-place score of 76.

The Blue Devils’ scorers were Sam Butler (ninth, 16:34), Jeremy Simon (10th, 16:42), Sam Sly (12th, 16:44), Coleman Gibson (20th, 17:08) and Brian Wiegand (25th, 17:23).

Marshall placed seventh with a score of 210, led by Kurt Swaton (21st, 17:09), Weston Herman (24th, 17:19), Cam Ragen (52nd, 18:40), Quinn Hovarter (53d, 18:41) and Dekoda Laupp (60th, 18:50).

Harper Creek finished eighth with a score of 224, led by Matt Scherer (26th, 17:26), Chris Newburn (34th, 17:44), Alex Grohalski (43rd, 18:16), Luke Browne (57th, 18:47) and Paul Hicks (64th, 19:00).

Coldwater was 12th with a score of 322, led by Cameron Leist (42nd, 18:10), Josh Evers (62nd, 18:53), Shane Dunn (68th, 19:04), Josh Norton (74th, 19:19) and Trent Licht (76th, 19:23).

Pennfield took 14th with a score of 417, led by Adam Rifenburgh (46th, 18:26), Eric Rifenburgh (90th, 21:43), Nicholas Simonds (92nd, 22:20), Greg Martin (94th, 27:00) and Drew Stevens (95th, 27:33).

Division 1 at Portage West M.S.

In the girls’ regional, Lakeview finished seventh with 188 points, led by Mackenzie Wilcox (32nd, 20:59), Payton Stine (34th, 21:06), Adriana Clark (37th, 21:12), Sidney Baxter (41st, 21:24) and Jarecea Tate (44th, 21:32).

In the boys’ regional, Lakeview’s Blake Wilson earned a spot at MIS with an eighth-place time of 16:45.4.

The Spartans finished eighth with 192 points, led by Wilson, Jon Haadsma (30th, 17:30), Colin Read (32nd, 17:35), Brandon Van Oosten (60th, 18:35) and Peter Colquhoun (62nd, 18:37).

Battle Creek Central placed 13th with 379 points, led by Scott Krug (56th, 18:28), Travis Skidmore (77th, 19:11), Mohamed Albagami (80th, 19:15), Nicholas Insley (81st, 19:23) and Andrew Larner (85th, 19:57).

Division 3 at Portage West M.S.

In the girls’ regional, Delton Kellogg advanced to the state meet with a third-place score of 94. The Panthers were led by Christi Boze (fifth, 20:24), Sarah Rendon (16th, 21:48.5), Sammi Cleary (17th, 22:00.5), Megan Grimes (27th, 22:47.7) and Marcie Stevens (29th, 22:51.4).

Galesburg-Augusta placed 11th with 250 points, led by Sam Schab (39th, 23:09), Whitney French (43rd, 23:38), Chloe Ostlund (49th, 24:09), Leah Savage (59th, 25:02) and Bethy Washburn (60th, 25:02).

In the boys’ regional, Delton Kellogg’s Jarryd Calhoun advanced to state with a 15th-place time of 17:33.9.

Delton Kellogg placed 12th with 277 points, led by Calhoun, Zach Haas (40th, 18:56), Dylan Kelley (69th, 20:25), Alex Stevens (74th, 20:43) and Brock Mueller (79th, 21:12).

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