Red Bank Regional: Q&A with coach Nick Giglio

Nick Giglio begins his fourth season as Red Bank Regional’s head coach after he served as Point Pleasant Beach’s head coach for eight seasons. The Bucs, who went 0-10 the season before Giglio took over, have improved in each of Giglio’s first three seasons, including a playoff berth last season. It was Red Bank’s first playoff berth since 2004.

Giglio talks about some of the issues facing his team:

Q: How much does your offense need to improve for your team to take the next step?

A: Our offense has taken strides each year. I think each year our offense has been a little bit different, depending on our players where are strengths are and where are weaknesses are. We definitely need, with our schedule, to hold on to the football better. That was our biggest thorn last year. And we need to keep the football away from opposing offenses. We have to give our defense a break. At the end of the day, we need to put more points on the board. We, hopefully, can do that this year without turning the ball over.

Q: How does the quarterback position look?

A: We have multiple guys I think that can be back there (seniors Ross Gisondi and Alex Fox were competing for the starting job late in the preseason) and run the offense. Their strengths will be different. We lost Terrance Scanlon (last year’s starter), who is now at Monmouth University and a couple of receivers. But, we hope to gain strength in our running game with a running quarterback. In that regard, we’re going to be different, but, hopefully, that can be what we can do better.

Q: Your thoughts on moving into Class B North and on your schedule?

A: Right now, you never can complain about your schedule. But, you know what you have and you know what your need to do in the offseason to get ready for it. I don’t know what else we could have done right now to get ready for it because it is a grind. Each week, you’re going to get knocked down, but you’ve got to get right back up because there’s someone the next week that’s going to try to knock you down again. We, hope, physically and health-wise we can withstand that.

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