Regis Jesuit's Broadus feels the pressure

Regis Jesuit's Broadus feels the pressure


Regis Jesuit's Broadus feels the pressure


Regis Jesuit takes on Mullen this Friday night.

Raiders senior Antonio Broadus is balancing the week-to-week pressure of big games like Mullen, and the added pressure of trying to impress college coaches.

There’s just something about the game.

“I love to compete, I’m a big competitor. I’ve always been that way and I just love the nature of it. Taking the field on Friday’s under the lights with the crowd roaring,” Broadus told 9News.

This is the last year Broadus will wear a Regis Jesuit jersey, something that sank in this summer during camp.

“It kind of started to hit me and I got really emotional, and I gotta make the most of it,” said Broadus.

For 2 reasons. 1: Broadus wants to win a state title. And 2: “I’m hoping to play at the next level,” he said.

He has interest from Colorado, Colorado State, Wyoming and more. But he’s hoping a big senior year will only increase his opportunities.

“I still got time, I’m gonna think it over with my parents and find the best fit for me,” said Broadus.

His dream schools are Alabama, and of course Oregon. “It must be Oregon’s uniforms you know,” Broadus said with a smile.

Trying to impress school’s like that can be nerve racking, especially when things aren’t going well.

“Of course it worries me and I think about it a lot and say dang I messed up but nobody is perfect,” he said.

And Broadus hopes that as long as he give his best effort, he will find the perfect fit at the college level.

That way he gets to keep playing the game he loves.


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