Special, a poem by Adriana Kania

Special, a poem by Adriana Kania


Special, a poem by Adriana Kania


Adriana Kania wrote this poem about her older brother, Chris, in English class and shared it with New Jersey Press Media.

He is the one, who sees the good in everyone,

He is the one, who would never intentionally hurt anyone,

He is the one, who can brighten up anyone’s day,

by just walking into the room with a smile on his face.

He is the one, who has a bigger heart than anyone I have ever met in my entire life.

He’s my brother.

And just because his brain works a little slower than mine and yours,

Doesn’t mean that he doesn’t know when someone’s hurt,

Or when someone’s mad at him.

And he sure as heck feels it when someone has hurt him.

I’m not saying I’m perfect,

I wish I had more patience with him.

I wish my brother and I were the best friends we should be.

But in reality, we’re just like any other brother and sister,

We fight because our rooms are right next to each other.

Because sometimes I had a bad day,

And I don’t want to hear it from anyone.

We fight because I have a bad temper,

And sometimes he’s just a little too excited.

And maybe I’m a little jealous.

But we’ve never fought,

because he said something mean or disrespectful to me.

Chris is someone to look up to.

Chris has felt every bit of happiness and pain that all of you have felt.

Chris doesn’t take no for an answer.

Chris takes advantage of every opportunity he gets, no matter how miniscule it is.

And when I think of the things that I complain,

moan and groan about,

I realize they are things that my brother will never be able to be a part of.

Yet Chris still works harder than anyone I know, at anything that comes his way.

When Chris came to high school

he wanted to play football but we told him he couldn’t,

And he never understood why.

Four years later,

Chris has done much more than just play football.

He’s scored touchdowns,

Seen the numbers on the scoreboard change because of him,

Joined the golf team,

And even has a job.

Things that we never thought he’d be capable of handling in high school.

To be completely honest,

Nothing hurts more than hearing Chris say,

“I just want to be like all the other boys.”

But Chris doesn’t get that he’s better than the other boys.

He’s honest, even when he knows he did something wrong.

He’s not scared of anything,

And will talk to anyone who has anything to say about sports.

And no matter how many times I act like a spoiled brat,

Or how many times my patience gives out on him,

He still asks where I am when I’m not home.

Not many people give my brother a chance,

But when they do,

They realize that the more they treat him like a normal 19 year old boy,

The more he acts like one.

And the people that do look past the missing pieces of Chris’ puzzle,

I know they’re truly good at heart,

Because they accept him for who he is.

Chris Kania is the best gift God has given me,

And I wouldn’t trade him for anyone else,

Because I don’t think any other person could teach me,

What he has taught me in 18 years.

I am proud to have Chris as my brother,

And although he can be difficult, so can I.

He is everything but a struggle or a setback.

He is Chris Kania and I love him for exactly who he is and who he isn’t.


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Special, a poem by Adriana Kania
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