Standing Out: Ralston Valley's Dan Skipper has no choice

Standing Out: Ralston Valley's Dan Skipper has no choice


Standing Out: Ralston Valley's Dan Skipper has no choice


He is easy to spot.

At 6 feet, 10 inches tall, Dan Skipper is usually about a head taller than anyone around him.

It’s quite a sight for defenders on the football field.

“A lot of times the 1st play the guy will come up and just kind of look at me. So that’s a little bit weird for, them looking up,” Skipper told 9News.

As much as the Tennessee Volunteer recruit jumps out surrounded by football players, it’s even worse when he’s surrounded by… singers.

Skipper is in Ralston Valley’s top choir called Shades of Blue.

“I stick out,” he said chuckling, “That’s probably the easiest way to put it.”

“He’s good. His musician ship is very solid,” said Ralston Valley choir director Jeff Talley.

If it’s possible to stand out and fit in at the same time Skipper has figured it out. But small adjustments are required.

“We can’t put him on the top step. Because them he sticks out even further so he’s on the 2nd step and he kind of blends in a little. But there’s no blending in for Dan,” Talley told 9News.

This monster of a high schooler can handle a football game. But put him in a tux and on stage and his stomach is in knots. Because one wrong note and, “It’s over,” said Skipper.

You don’t get another chance like on the field. But Skipper has a passion for it.

“You get absorbed with the music. That’s really why I’m in choir, because I love music,” said Skipper.

And he hasn’t ruled out singing on the side when he gets to Tennessee next year.


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